Friday, April 15, 2011


With the guidance of a dear colleague at work (yes, you Sue :)) and through the help of recently interacted with a family in north Victoria to prospectively purchase the gorgeous little fellow you see up the top here. His name is Stuart (Mez's input) and we pick him up in a couple of weeks time.

Those of you that have listened to and supported me through my trials and tribulations in times gone by will know we had a little puppy last year who we lost to a horrible bowel infection.

You will understand my apprehension countered by delight in finding this fellow and we trust that what happened last year will not be revisited.

I plan for this chappy, a long and happy life with us. I don't care about the poos and wees on the carpet and anywhere else. (I do really, but its nothing a bit of detergent and puppy odour spray won't fix). I don't care about having to get up in the middle of the night to take him for a walk outside. I don't care about scratches on the timber or bites in the carpet. What I care about is that unconditional love, that wet tongue that loves to lick and that wagging tail. I will love that curiosity and those little nips he will provide if I don't pay him enough attention.

I cannot wait to have a baby by my bed at night time again...for a short while at least until he gets used to the place and I cannot wait to cuddle up to him when he misses his two siblings and mother.

Let the days roll on and may the 8th. of May see us bring home a loving boy who will happy to live here.


  1. You're back..! Stuart, I like that. I think I like Billie best but I can live with Stuart, can't wait to meet him. Did I tell you Molly's taken to eating paper? Sigh, she's eaten four bookmarks and the cover of a book so far, plus any scrap that she finds around. Hmm, good job I love her so. We will have introduce Stuart to Miss Martha and Miss Molly...? Talk to you soon...

  2. How exiting Jen! He looks so cute! I'm thinking of getting a kitten to chase away the mice!!


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