Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just another Saturday.

I had a most interesting day today. First up, I got on my bike and rode down to my gym...the local Contours, where I did my early morning workout. I love going there first up, especially when I ride my bike down there. The air is cool and sweet, there's not too much traffic and I feel like I have already started my exercises by the time I get there.
Once that was over, home I rode again and had a quick shower, in time to return down the street. This time it was for a massage/facial which was the result of a gift voucher given to me by a very generous family.

Now, I have had massages in the past and they have been quite pleasurable experiences, but today was like no other. First up, when I entered the premises, I sat and watched magnificent waterfalls (compliments of a big screen tv) and listened to the sounds that reminded me so much of our overseas sojourns, you know...the spa resort music that you hear in places like Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

This was all designed I think to lower my blood pressure and have me in a calm and tranquil state, which worked beautifully.

I was then led to an enormous white bathroom where I was given a robe to change into. Out of everything but my undies and I got to put on a dainty pair of slippers also to make me really feel the part. The only complaint I had there was that the robe was a little small for me which made the next stage a tad difficult.

From the change room I then entered a waiting room where there was cool water flavoured with fresh orange slices. Delicious to say the least. I managed to climb onto a recliner chair mindful of my short gown and stretched out with a magazine over my legs to cover the revealing black knicker bits. There were three other people in the room two of them women. I would not have minded so much but, yes, you guessed it, the third was a male.

After a few minutes, just when I was getting into a juicy bit about Brad, Jennifer and Angie, my masseuse came into the room to collect me.

This is where I became unstuck as I most ungraciously tried to revert to a standing position from a recliner seat with a short gown on and a man sitting opposite. I managed to almost pull over the little side table next to me with my glass of water on it and I am sure he caught a glimpse of my boggers as I stood up.

I didn't really care though then as I was off to have an "experience"!

My masseuse was a lovely gentle quietly spoken woman who ushered me into a room where I disrobed and then had to climb onto a high table and pull not only a very large towel, but a quilt over myself and look gentile whilst I did it.

Needless to say, when she returned after discreetly leaving the room whilst I klutzed my way through, she adjusted the layers so they weren't then hanging half on the floor.

I then let her have her way with me and the massage she provided was heaven-sent.

I just love the perfumed oils that such places use. I often wish my house smelled the same but I suppose it wouldn't be a treat if such things were everyday experiences.

My back, neck and shoulders were moderately massaged and what I really did enjoy was that my masseuse did not enter into conversation with me. She just went about her business which allowed me the opportunity to just focus on the tactile response. After some time it was time to flip over, which I managed to do without falling off. She then placed a rolled-up towel under my knees and dashed out to warm up a heat-pack which she placed at the base of my spine. I can tell you already I felt like $1000,000.

There was more massage on my shoulders and neck, then it was time for my facial.

I was cleansed, exfoliated, masked, cleansed again, massaged, cleansed yet again, then moisturised. My face felt marvellous....bugger it, I felt marvellous. I know I fell asleep a couple of times...I know I probably snored (hopefully gently) a couple of times. My mind wandered into third dimensional realms and I thought of things I hadn't thought about in a very long time...the power of relaxation eh!

All too soon it was over (like all good things eventually are) and it was time again to re-robe and re-slipper. I then got to visit again the room where I had my little faux-pas an eternity ago.

This time there was a pot of herbal tea...a relaxing reddish tea that smelt of berries and a danish pastry to which I could treat myself also. I fortunately had no-one to check out my undies this time round, but I reduced the possibility of further embarrassment just in case and sat on a large chair and tucked my legs underneath with decorum.

Once I had fortified myself, it was time to leave and bid the place a fond farewell after changing back into my everyday clothes.

I vow to return there when I can for it was the most delightful experience.

When I do return though, I must make sure I ask for a bigger gown!!!

This evening, it is the eve of my mother's birthday. My Mum was born 87 years ago tomorrow and I am so proud of her Independence and zest for life. My other half and I took her out to dinner tonight to the local Italian Sports Club and we had a yummy meal. Muzza had a veal parmigiana, Mum had Flathead fillets and I, lamb cutlets. After such a difficult hard day, the meal went down a treat and we all left feeling most replete.

I bought...or I should say, we bought Mum some gifts which we gave her this evening. There was a gorgeous colourful floral scarf, a rock like thing that says "Welcome to my garden" and a box for her to keep her special photos in.

Tomorrow we shall partake of afternoon tea with her and I am hoping some family members other than ourselves will come visit too as its not every day your Mum gets to turn 87.

We love you Mum xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Ada, give her my love Jen...

  2. I've pondered about a massage for quite a while because of fibromyalgia. Maybe I need to do it; your experience sounds heavenly. ~sigh~


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