Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th.

Well folks, it was eight years ago today that my life inexorably changed.

I should add here, that it was not only my life, but also that of my husband and daughter, not to mention friends and family.

Eight years ago today my beautiful lively, exuberant son died from a congenital disorder, known as Progeria (Accelerated Aging Syndrome). Some of you may have read about it in recent times as research in USA has been able to isolate the affecting gene that causes this premature death, since Chris died and they are finding inroads in how to treat the disorder and prolong the lives of a number of children affected.

My son was a typical child, loving and grateful, independant and not wanting to 'be a burden'. He was free spirited and loved many people. They in turn loved him back unconditionally. He never once complained about having this disorder. He would have anguished over the barrage of tests and investigations and treatment for different manifestations of the disease, but I do believe I never once heard him ask "Why me?".

Life goes on as we all know. At the time the pain is immeasurable and I felt like I had no direction after he was gone. We all felt lost at times but day by day, you pull yourself out of the sadness and despair and realise that indeed Life Is Beautiful for the short tangible time we experience it.

I remember my son on this day, as I do all days and I remember everything that happened that day.

To our family and friends that supported us...again I say thank you for your love for the lad.

Miss you CB xxxx


  1. I miss the boy too, all the time.....
    Big hugs. Enjoy your Easter break then it will be time for Stuart, can't wait to meet him, see you in a couple of weeks...

  2. Hi Jen, my heart goes out to you, can't feel as you do, but am thinking of you special lady.
    luv Mary xx00


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