Thursday, April 21, 2011

Madness and Mayhem

Rushing this morning as this may be the last post (no pun intended given Anzac Day is just around the corner!) before we go away for Easter.

Work last night was frantic as usual. Had a young girl come in just as I was to go off, distraught as she hadn't felt her baby move for sometime. Convinced this baby was no longer as she has a pretty sad history of something similar.

You can imagine the joy when I was able to pick up her baby's heartbeat at only 23 weeks gestation. That's what makes my job worthwhile! I shed a few tears with this young family stressed beyond belief.... tears of joy as it turned out!

We are off to paradise tomorrow after I complete yet another frantic Thursday evening shift (I know, we all know what Thursdays are like in my baby factory) and tomorrow will be no different. So, the three and a half hour drive from here to P will be a blessed release indeed.

I only have to find time between now and then to pack, supermarket shop and tidy the house...Oh, did I mention two full on working shifts in there as well? Bugger sleep...that'll have to come over Easter!

Enjoy folks...may the Big Bunny visit!


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