Saturday, July 5, 2014

Born on the 5th. of July.

Well the day is here and I am sitting contemplating life with a cuppa before the joyous madness and mayhem begins with family and friends arriving in a couple of hours.
I ask myself the age old question of " What's it like to be 60?".
My reply is really that it's no different to any other age actually.
I believe in the here and now and as I was approaching this ripe old age, I wondered if I should be apprehensive or frightened or wanting to stop the clock, but actually I am no different to the Jen of yesterday nor am I different to the Jen of tomorrow so I will take each day as it comes (like I have a choice!) and will just Let It Be.....
Experiencing life is immediate.
We have memories made up of our past, be it 20 years ago or 5 minutes just prior but as soon as you step into the realm of the future what you are now experiencing becomes memories with some remnants fleeting, triggered by sounds and smells, others so firmly entrenched in your mind that it is with you for all time.
If you have held a baby, smelt a baby or even had the pleasure of having a baby smile at you for the very first time, especially as a parent, those memories will hopefully stay with you for a very long time.
Some memories we choose to discard if they are unpleasant whereas other memories which might be sad or regretful we hang onto for we don't want to lose the thought of the person or animal that stirs their evoking.
It is all good, and is even better if we can close our minds to the not good experiences and instead focus on the thoughts we want to retain.
Too bad our brains don't have a filter we can manually stimulate when we want it to.
Perhaps in 100 years we may very well have something we can take to create past experiences but, I won't be around to test it out that's for sure.
So, getting back to me and my life, right here, right now.
My mother gave birth to me on this day 60 years ago.
My life has been full of highs,with a few lows thrown in just to balance it all out.
My children have definitely been THE highlight, and for them I have my husband to thank.
My family is a highlight, unique in its own boundaries which I am ever so grateful for. There are many things of course I would change if I had been able when it comes to my family, but, that was all out of our hands and so, outcomes, be what they were are are and will be, remain with me always.
I miss my boy especially at such times like these, I too miss my girl as she is adventuring on the other side of the world right now, but my own here and now continues with them here in spirit and in my mind and for that too I am grateful.
So the day will go on into the night and I will have little time to reminisce so, I will take this brief moment to thank every person , yes EVERY person, who reads this for being in my life somehow, some way.
We may know each other very well, we may know each other fleetingly, or, we may have never met at this point, but, you have shared a part of me, and for that I am thankful.