Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hither thither...rush and tumble...a rabbit with a time piece does a rumble

Just a quickie today as I really should be getting ready for work. Its a quarter to 12 and I start work at 1 so I will not ponder too long unless the words carry me away as they sometimes do! I took Mum into Footscray today to the Vision Clinic where she receives treatment for her Macular Degeneration. Today was a good day as its always a great feeling to listen as Mary tells Mum she doesn't need another eye injection THIS month. I am sure in the not too distant future that will change and she will need another bout of needles, but, today is a reprieve day so for that we are thankful. I am oh so very tired this morning. Not sure how I'll function at work this afternoon but I'm sure I'[ll get into it and get carried up with the ward happenings. Looking forward to getting away this long weekend...Easter again already for the year. Only seems like it was Christmas not so long ago... We get to meet our little puppy on Sunday and we pick him up two weeks later. Shall be fun bringing him home in the car all the way from Tallangatta!...a three to four hour drive in the car which will need plenty of towels and puppy food and puppy water! Just hope there's no vomit to clean up!!! Anyway, must away. I am very pleased with myself for getting back into the blogging. I attack the words with great gusto sporadically, but when I do it just flows and I can debrief a bit which is why I started this in the first place. Lovely warm day outside today...'tis a shame that work is the priority, but I suppose I cannot have it my way all the time. Adieu!

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  1. Have a great break in Nirvana and bear in mind when you bring Stuart home........no food when traveling means no throwing up!! Water and toys in a big box. I drove Molly home from Shep and she was awesome, sat in her little bowl of water a few times but she was really good...


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