Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Time to kill

Well, we are now waiting for our last flight here in Dubai. This airport seems to grow every time we come here. I must say though Dubai's arrival was extremely transport buses today, (or was that yesterday?.... I am lost) and not to mention a bit disorientated.
This place is magnificent from the inside. I can only think what the size of the buildings are like from the outside. There (for those that have yet to grace these portal doors) are arrival sections, multiple floors, then there are lifts to take you to different floors, then there are trains to take you to different flight sections...A, B, C, D and so forth.
Incredible. Like I said, it does appear to have grown since last time, maybe it my lack of sleep in the past 24 hours that's done it for my imagination.
I am one step ahead of all my Downton Abbey friends.... I watched the last episode on our way to Singapore. Have the tissues ready Barb, there are some in the bathroom. One actor whom I have never really liked did a damn fine job in this episode, to the point where I nearly did my weepy bit and howled, but I maintained a brave face for the family and kept my tears in check!
Television will not be the same without this gracious family and their upstairs and downstairs crew. Might have to purchase all the series somewhere along the way and enjoy it all again in my spare time (joke joyce!!!).
Yesterday was a big day with our getting up before dawn to say goodbye to Barb, the dogs who knew something was going on) and the chooks who couldn't have cared less.
We made our way down to Melbourne without complication. I sat with Mum whilst Murray went elsewhere then had a meeting with siblings in tow at Mum's place of residence which is another story to tell somewhere down the line.
Before we knew it, we were off to the airport and just as well we left when we did as by the time you park then shuttle to the airport, check in and psych yourself up for the haul, it's time to board and you're up, up and away before you know it.
Sitting in cramped quarters for a number of hours makes one realise just how many aches and pains one has. Sciatica, sore knees, and general discomfort hang about quite pointedly as you wait for the flight to be over.
You can only watch so many movies and series without being too bored.
I fitted in one movie, I cannot recall the name of (can you believe) plus a BBC Horror series, plus another scary story which really wasn't very scary, but interesting all the same, called 'The Visit'.
As mentioned before, I fitted in Downton Abbey Series whatever, number 6 and listened to a lot of 70's Rock, tried to lull myself with a relaxation CD which didn't work and ate everything put in front of me so time-sitting hasn't been too wasted I suppose.
We now have this last flight ahead and I cannot wait to disembark so we can at least walk a bit.
A very generous woman gave me a pen to complete my departure sheet at Tullamarine as I stupidly for got to pack a basic essential such as a pen. I had hoped to return it but alas we didn't see her again so I will think of this woman every time I use her pen from now on.
When we arrived in this Emirates Transit Lounge, there were a number of middle-eastern men women and children, all dressed in white, including saris', shoes and mobile phones. The men all wore a textured white towelling type of material of similar consistency whereas the women and children had beautifully decorated costumes with embroidery in detail in places on their material.
So, dear readers, this is the end of Day 1 of J&M's big adventure to all things German and Greek.
One question though,....actually two....
How does one get an upgrade and how does one get to ride on those carts I see so many others riding in?
Me thinks it'd be fun almost running others over in an airport lounge to rid oneself of ones boredom.
Melbourne -> Singapore (where we had to get out, wait for an hour, then reboard the same plane) ->Dubai, then -> D├╝sseldorf.
As Julian Lennon says.....see you on the flip side!!!

Just a little extra to make our day even more exciting.
We've just gone through our final check in to be told we've been upgraded to Business Class for this last leg.
We might get a little sleep now before we land in D├╝sseldorf.......
So happy!!!
Will tell you all about it shortly. Right now we are waiting...imagining soft comfortable seats we can stretch out in....not to mention our fine dining (albeit breakfast) experience!
Bon chance!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rabbits galore.....

And so tomorrow heralds yet another Easter. One of holidays and camping for some. Some stay home and celebrate in their own style, with chocolate and fruity buns, others mark this as a religious day and go to church as often as they can throughout the period to mark the significance of the season.

We are staying home as its not long before we fly over to the other side of the world and I am yet to pack seriously, as only good women pack.
By packing, I mean throw every item of weather appropriate clothing into the suitcase you own, then cull when you realise you'll never wear again that top you bought five years ago and are yet to wear, let alone when you are in Greece, trying to impress the locals!

Easter to me means a bit of madness and mayhem. Have already just been down the street to purchase life and death supplies as ALL the shops are shut tomorrow (Good Friday). 
I dare say I'll be back down there again to purchase more life and death supplies for our toothpaste, deodorant etc. on Sunday as I won't have time on Monday. I'll be too busy cleaning the house from top to bottom before our wonderful friend and house sitter arrives for the dogs and chooks to boss around.

I remember Easters past when our children were little and they would fill up on Easter eggs and hotty crossy buns.
Good Friday always meant boiled cod for dinner and I would make a white sauce (usually cheesy) to go with it. Music of the season would indicate me playing my Jesus Christ Superstar album over and over again much to the chagrin of my family.
"So you are the Christ, the great Jesus Christ, 
Prove to me that you're no fool....
Walk across my swimming pool"!

I so loved that album and now I realise I must have almost made my family think insanity would be far easier than having to put up with the smell of boiled fish and my version of Judas Iscariot indefinitely for a few days!

Easter is also a time of personal reflection for us now though as a family.
Today, this Thursday before Easter, heralds the anniversary of our son's death. The date is of course next month, but this day before Easter is significant in its timing also.
The positivity of this day always brings to mind the wonderful support and love we received from my friends and colleagues at Werribee Mercy Hospital on that day and afterwards, not to mention a group of young boys who dropped whatever they were doing that day to come and give us strength as we said our farewells to our boy and they said their goodbyes to their mate.
It is 13 years now since he left us, but all those memories make it feel like it was only yesterday.
The saying 'Love never dies' is certainly apt and true when it comes to such occasions.

May everyone who takes the time to read this have a safe and wonderful Easter. If you are out and about, please stay safe. Drive carefully. Remain responsible for not only yourself, but for those around you. If you are working, may you be well fortified with chocolate and not too busy for a change.

Once again I thank those that surrounded us during our time of shock and grief back in 2003. Work colleagues, family and friends were amazing and I will be forever grateful.

Today I am feeling the love so to speak. I have housework to do and food to cook.
My valiant promise though is that I will NOT cook boiled cod and stink the house out. I also will not hunt down my JC Superstar records....or will I?????

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Once more with gusto

I'm not sure how this'll pan out as I'm currently working night shift in a local hospital and given it's nearly 3 am., I have been known to slur my words at times, so, reader beware.
I haven't written for a while, not since before Christmas in fact. Life on the land has become very busy of late, what with working and bike riding and gym and occasional visitors.
I suppose something has to give when sometimes you feel you're in the centre of a tornado and until now, blogging has been it.
As I said before, I am currently working those horrible hours in an environment where (touch wood), it is extremely "Q" (I won't say the word), and I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.
I suppose I should tackle some competencies and or read some more, or even make myself yet another cup of tea, but I thought, why not blog a bit for a change and see what comes out of my brain with a bit of free writing instead.
I have been working at this rural hospital now on and off since July of last year and really am finding I am enjoying the change not to mention the change of pace.
Please don't get me wrong reader. The days and evenings are usually very busy, and this place has the potential at any time of the day and night to suddenly pick up speed, depending on who presses the emergency door bell at all hours too so we are forever on tender-hooks here and have to be prepared for anything and anyone who might emerge requiring emergency care.
When I first started here, I was absolutely terrified of the door-bell going off.
My thoughts would run to my previous workplace and I would think, "I am a midwife, not an emergency nurse...what on earth am I doing here?"
Every time someone would present to the emergency department, I would be imagining any number of scenarios and had not iota of confidence in how to assess and or deal with what ailed the presenter.
There is still very much I do not know and I still have a lot to experience. People do present here with chest pain and cardiac irregularities and crush injuries after falling from tractors and snake bites but I have found my new colleagues here to be extremely supporting and willing to reteach me those skills I learned many years ago when I was a student nurse as well as teach me new skills for a lot has changed in the years I have worked elsewhere, in the realm of general nursing.
For forty + years now I have been a midwife. I have encouraged women to birth babies over a few generations now. I have encouraged some of those babies to birth their own and so it has continued.
I have worked with families providing the best care I could give. I have held their hands during the best times of their lives and during the saddest times of their lives also.
I have seen much laughter and love and heartache in my craft which I will never forget and there are women especially that will remain in my heart always.
This recent work has seen me step away somewhat from that which I am used to.
No longer am I supporting labouring women. Now I am working mainly with older folk who have experienced most of their lives and for the majority, are in their twilight years.
I have found a joy working with these people I did not ever think I would.
One environment I now work in is an aged care facility with residents who all have various stages of dementia. Most do not remember me when I return day by day to assist in providing their daily care, but I remember them and their personalities and their likes and dislikes so I am able to nurture and support as they travel this journey alone but in my company.
I cannot help but marvel at those colleagues who work with these people day in and day out, doing the same things each day with them but have no qualms about returning each time. It's a joy to watch the bond between the staff and the residents who for the most have known each other for long periods of time, given this workplace is in a small rural community about an hour's drive from my home.
Some of the staff are related to the residents either through family and or through marriage and extended family, or may have lived around the corner or down the street from them for most of their lives, so there is an element of closeness and connectivity that is missing in other places I have been for other reasons.
As I mentioned earlier, I really am surprised at how much I am enjoying the change in my workplace.
Who was it that said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
I am 61 now and continuing to learn as I go. There is a joy in knowing that new colleagues respect and appreciate your work ethic. I will be working for at least a few more years yet, so, enjoyment is imperative at this stage of the game.
Enough for now. I think it's high time for a cuppa and I might just tackle that competency that's awaiting my superior knowledge!
Bye for now.