Monday, June 25, 2012

A winter's day....

I have been away a while haven't I. This new format is a little bit confusing to an old duck like me but I suppose I'll get used to it eventually. Evolve is the word I evolving as you read my chatter here. I worked a night shift last night and did the same the night before. I can honestly tell you my job is so unpredictable. These two weekend nights were the recipient of the "Q" award of the year. Q in my work language is the beginning of a word we never mention for fear it'll cause chaos and unrelenting labouring women into our lives...all at once. So, we never use it. We did have a couple of phone calls and one visitor who went home again. The resus trolley did get scrupulously checked by Voula and I did get some more of my online immunization course done so it was all good. I didn't even feel tired which is not a good sign for tonight's sleeping pattern (or lack thereof) but hey, such is life. I chose to be a midwife many years ago and with that for some of us is unpredictable workloads, crazy nights, gentle calm nights and days and evenings too. There are lots of babies, vocal women, vocal partners and families and friends as well. But most of all, there is collegiality, support, love and knowledge between we workers. For most of us there is love and respect and the want to do right by the people we work with There have been some major changes in my place of employment recently which saddens me greatly for it signals drastic change in what we can offer women who want to come under our care during their pregnancies. Choice is apparently no longer a prerequisite for some and options for maternity care will become restricted as a result even more than they are now. I suppose I am adverse to change given my age and the years I have been practicing in this field but it is very sad when one witnesses the distress upon a colleague who has little choice but step away from his long term practice (23 years)of caring for women in labour as a doctor. As Peter, Paul and Mary once said..."The times, they are a changing". Perhaps it's time for me to take stock of my life and work out the important things and evolve yet again.

And so it begins again

Well, just to knock the socks off everyone I have decided to emerge from my cocoon and start posting again.
Its been a while since I've posted....almost twelve months in fact, but, it's never too late as the dog said to the horse one day.
Life has continued on. I am another year older almost and although I have probably gained a few kilos and lost the length in my hair, not much has changed for the real me apart from the fact that said hair is quite grey now.
The dogs have grown and probably have no recollection of their former lives before we came onto their scene.
They are a part of our family now as much as we are and I am so thankful we have them both.
Each has their very own distinct personality and just love affection in their own way.
Stuart even cries if he thinks Noni is getting more love than he is....boys! You can't win with them. You can't go out into the back yard for any reason without throwing a ball to Noni so she can return it. If you're not quick off the mark in throwing it for her to fetch she'll actually pick it up and throw it at you as a reminder. Stuart just asserts his authority as the male pack leader with her from time to time but he is actually quite easy going and very loveable as a rule, when he's not eating grass that is.
I would love to post some current dog photos but I'm using a computer that is not my own and besides, the home computer is decidedly malfunctioning at present and I am unable to even get into it...let alone blog, so this'll have to do sans photos until I get it fixed.
My daughter Merryn and I are off to Thailand in a few short weeks. I checked the weather out a few minutes ago and at this time of the morning (4ish) its already in the mid 20's. Such a contrast to the current cold old Melbourne where its icy winds and freezing cold and rain and chill and more wind and grey clouds than you can shake a stick at.
The two weeks prior to that I am not working also so my plan is to take Mum on the ferry over to the other side of the bay for a couple of reminiscing days, as she and Dad used to live in Rosebud once upon a time. We will catch up with an old friend of mine and also drop in on my aunt (Mum's sister) which is something we don't get to do very often now as Mum hasn't been very well for a while. She's 88 now and soldiering on but these winter days take their toll and have left her in pain most of the time because of arthritis and aging.
Ahhh the things we have to look forward to as we get older.

A fairy for a day...

Just the day before yesterday, I had cause to arise bright and early and trundle my way into the city via a train, dragging a suitcase and a lot of anticipation and even excitement with me.
I am a job rep in my workplace and the Australian Nursing Federation, of which I am a member held their annual Job Rep Delegates Conference at Melbournes Docklands over the past two days.
This view greeted me as I walked down to the station at 7am. You have Buckley's and None chance of getting a car park at this time of the day close to the station and besides I wasn't prepared to leave my car in a public car park overnight anyhow so, hoof it I did and....I didn't fall over once this time!

I got there in plenty of time to have coffee and toast, mandarin and juice, then the party got started.
The preliminaries started at 8:40 or thereabouts. We all received a rather enviable trolley bag on wheels with ANF firmly ensconced on the front and it contained some of the usual goodies one might expect...pens, notepads, brochures, lollies, even a muesli bar. There were mini torch lights in there as well...good stuff to give to our colleagues when we returned to work. Hell, I might even use my rather groovy bag for work given we no longer have permanent lockers!
Unfortunately, Lisa Fitzpatrick, our esteemed Secretary (Vic Branch) was taken ill the day before and instead of spending the conference with us, had to languish in a hospital bed instead. This did put a dampner on things a bit I must say but like all good troupers, the show went on.
The first Piece De Resistance came in the form of a petite little lady whom I have heard speak before. Her name is Amanda Gore. Amanda is a motivating motivational speaker who spoke to us about our workplace and gave us quite definite hints on how to maintain the enthusiasm, both within and around us.
Note...If any of my colleagues see myself and/or Kellie acting a little weird over the next few weeks, blame Amanda, for she demonstrated and had us mimic her in so many different oxygen mask, build a bridge, being a Foopher name it, we did it!
Amanda spoke of the disparity betweem the Fear and the Joy Matrix, and how important it is for us to FARC each and every day...
Focus on how you want to feel
Awareness of where you are now
Repeatedly act out your chosen pillar of joy...and
Celebrate the results!
If you want to learn more about Amanda, go here.

I can tell you, this woman is amazing and if you ever get the opportunity to hear her live, go for it. She had us embracing one another and even singing "Always look on the bright side of life" at the end of her session enhanced by everyone standing and in rows, swaying to the music and doing little Eric Idle kicks, which is no mean feat when there are over 700 people in the room. 

From such an amazing vibrant person we then went onto what was probably the dullest presentation of the whole conference. We were visited by The Hon David Davis MLC, Minister for Health AND Minister for Aging.

This man equipped with entourage spoke for a few minutes about not a great deal and at the end of his talk was asked six questions by delegates. Not one question was answered or attempted by him with his excuse being that he was not at liberty at this time to answer, OR he really could not say given that our Enterprise Bargaining had just begun and consequently he was unable to discuss the issues. I really do not understand why he bothered to show up, given that last year he did not bother to come to the conference. I was disappointed as were so many others that he really did not present very well at all.
Fortunately, he did not stay too long and then it was off to the first of many feast fests in the adjacent hall.
Following that break it was onto the first of numerous resolutions which were our primary purpose of being together as delegates.
Delegates are given the opportunity throughout the year to put forward any prospective motions that are announced then debated on if necessary at the conference, before a vote is conducted. We had thirty motions to debate if necessary this year and once we had completed the first few we then listened to Mr. Robert Stary LLB speak. Mr. Stary is a criminal law specialist and he spoke of the injustice perpetrated on people