Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reasons why

I love autumn for many reasons. One is the word itself. Roll it off your tongue, pretend you are Scottish as you do so. Inflect those vowels and consonants.... such a delicious word 'autumn'.

The words remind me of the turning of the seasons, the colour of leaves just before they fall from the trees making gorgeous colourful patterns on the ground before changing to brown.

I have a love of the north eastern country of Victoria and this time of the year is when it is all so beautiful up there. What I wouldn't give for a cottage and land with some golden ash and maple trees up there if only to watch those trees as they change their colours.

I love autumn for it becomes legal tender to wear those winter scarves that have been busting to get out of your drawers and wardrobes. You know the ones...the wrap around pythonesque tight scarfs of subdued and bright colours with matching gloves and mittens that say "Hey, it's our turn now! Be off with you singlets, shorts and thongs!!!"

Not only for my self indulgent colour and clothe fantasies do I love this season though..... A very big part of why I love this part of autumn is the wee fruit one can purchase fresh for a few short weeks. Imperial mandarins would have to be one of my favourite fruits of all time. Please don't get me wrong. I love bananas and peaches and nectarines and mangoes, oh, the list could go on and on (did I mention mangosteens?) but alas, my favourite is the pungent sweet smelling citrusy easily peelable mandarin which breaks into segments and melts in your mouth. I could eat a few in one sitting they are so delicious and sometimes I do when they're available.
They are one of the reasons I love this time of the year apart from the hot chocolate necessity every now and again......

Have you ever tried hot chocolate with mandarin flavouring? Neither have I but I bet it'd be delicious too. Must try and invent something with exactly that flavouring!