Sunday, May 11, 2014

The day for Mothers

I recall a morning many many years ago when my two children were still little, well, still in primary school at least.
I was working permanent night shifts back then and from memory had had a fairly arduous night and was pretty bushed when I arrived home one Sunday morning which also happened to be that year's Mother's Day.
As I walked in the front door I was greeted by two very excited children and was made to close my eyes as I walked into the family room, being led by their hands.
The kitchen table was bestowed with rose petals. There was a bunch of chrysanthemums in the centre of the table and in glitter, they had written the words "We love you Mum".
It took me ages to vacuum up the glitter afterwards but I didn't mind for it was a physical reminder of their love for a cranky Mum who's main thought when coming home was to get to bed and to sleep.

How I miss those days of chatter and laughter and tears, snotty noses and kisses.
I miss the boy who would not let me remove a bandaid which was protecting a tiny scratch, but at other times was so brave and fearless when undergoing myriads of tests and investigations.
I miss the little girl who would tip her head upside down so I could braid her beautiful long golden locks from the bottom up. One regret was that I could never teach my children the fine art of massage. They were willing recipients indeed but they had their Mum over as barrel when it came to such tactile contact and I was always easily swayed.
I miss the up cuddles and the snuggleupagus kids, and I miss their songs... The ones we sang that were theirs and theirs only.
This is the legacy of a Mum....
The memories and the wanting it all back again so you could do a much better job second time round, but, alas, we don't get that chance again.

So, to all those Mums out there with children of all ages, especially the young, make the most of that fierce heart wrenching love you have for your children now. It will be with you always as you reflect but, when your children are elsewhere, or are no longer here on this planet, that love causes pain and some regret.