Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our long Easter break was spent up north this year at our home away from home in Porepunkah. As you can see by the photos, the weather was simply glorious and most conducive to outdoor activities. We didn't travel far from our 'home' for a change, choosing this time to stay relatively low-keyed and with a purpose to enjoy local scenery and just kick back.

The day we met our puppy for the very first time was a day not unlike all others...warm sunny blue skies requiring sunscreen and hats. Local and tourist kids were abounding and local shops were jumping with their registers on the go the whole time. Queues reached out the doors from shops...especially eateries and cafes. I don't think even the most astute shop owner realised what a godsend this long weekend would be prior to the break.
The thing I love about this place is how the whole colour scheme changes with the weather. The leaves took on an abundant rich red colour and would be camera fanatics, much like myself, were out in droves trying to catch ""THAT"" picture for their albums.

There were many gliders and planes, parachuters, free-fallers, and even gyrocopters up in the sky. Given there were no apparent accidents they must have had a rule of conduct up there also.

We met our Stuart for the very first time in a local park by the river. He was introduced to us by his first family and was accompanied by his brother and sister. Stuart as I mentioned in my earlier blog was the last born of the litter, but by and large the biggest of them all which fills me with confidence. He is the fellow you can see on the left dipping into a pot of water for it was a long hot thirsty ride from the farm..
(To be continued)

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