Thursday, April 17, 2014

17th. April.

Just because the day is just another day.
Another 24 hours, since I heard your voice, watched you smile, felt your touch, smelt your smell.
Eleven years to this particular day, the Thursday before Easter to when we said a silent definitive farewell my boy.
How I miss you so at such times. The pain I feel is still fresh within me as I recall your voice.
If only it were tangible and you were here.
364.... No, 363 days of the year the memory dims a little, but this anniversary date brings you back to me again and I relish your memory.
I know those closest to me feel this sadness and share in my memories of you also and I thank those friends that recall you and loved you also.
The day IS just another day. The sun is shining, the magpies are warbling outside, I have a dentist to visit shortly, then work this afternoon.
Life continues along it's random path, but you are a constant thought.
Love you my boy...