Friday, February 1, 2013

Do you think life is a test? If so, what are we testing for?

Life is what you make it don't you think.
Many face adversity at different times and at different stages of their lives.
Many find those adversities insurmountable whilst others manage to scramble down the mountain on the other side and prepare to face a new day.
It's funny how some can cope, whereas others cannot, and life stops for a brief millisecond as a result.

Think of Alice as she slid down the big rabbit hole after the rabbit. She might very well have crumbled into a big hole and become vegetative if her personality had shut down.
The story would just not have been the same then would it...

What about Tiny Tim from 'A Christmas Carol'. Here was a boy who used crutches every day of his life, but still smiled and encouraged others to take his lead all the time. Tiny Tim never gave in...hey, sounds like a slogan there!

Those who are taking the time to read this are probably wondering what I am on to write such drivel. To tell you the truth, I've just had a cranberry and ham roll for lunch with a little bit of diet coke to wash it down. I'm waiting for my next patient to arrive and was pondering about the meaning of life in my terms and thought I'd record my fleeting thoughts for posterity, hence the reference to fictional characters.
Truth be known though that perhaps Lewis Carrol and Charles Dickens based their stories on real life people who were strong and courageous and used them as role models to reassure people that they could climb on top of the dung heap and shout victorious!

Well, my next visitor is awaiting my presence so I shall go and do my duty.

More pondering next time.