Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day view

Today, watching the news there has been a lot said about Australia Day. There was the 100 year old woman from Iraq, Quentin Bryce, and various well known identities who spoke about what significance Australia Day had for them.
There is awarding to sports heroes, doctors and cooking greats, not to mention actors, singers and businessmen who have been acknowledged for their achievements as well.
My observation of these awards made me question to myself why the ordinary person who works hard but is not in the public highlight is not recognised for their own greatness.
It is sad indeed that there are many who work above and beyond the call of duty to make everyday changes to others lives (for the better) and are not announced as important people also.
I listened to Quentin Bryce's address to the nation whith an ethereal Uluru in the background.
I so admire this woman who manages to embrace indigenous Australians as well as those who have chosen Australia as their second home, as well as those that have been born here.
We all have our own identity regardless of our background and while people say they are dismayed by the celebration on 26th. January, we need to have a day in which we can all reflect on our lives, and give thanks to the environment we live in.

For me, Australia Day is not about the First Fleet, nor is it about Captain Cook or the annihilation of the real first people who lived here before any others. This day gives me opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I am to be living in a world without wars. I am fortunate indeed to be living in my own home with my own things surrounding me and I have the opportunity to communicate with others from all walks of life because of the jobs I do. 

This may sound pretentious, but as a child, I always felt fortunate that I was not a child from a third world country who did not have my opportunities. (Mind, that didn't make me eat my vegetables anymore than I had to)! As a grown-up I have remembered those thoughts and have an understanding that we should encourage people from all over the world to live here if they so wish.
Why should I be privileged when others are not.

I am sitting here, and soon I will prepare for work where I will go and care for those that have done their very best to increase our population one by one.

Think about today and give thanks for being alive rather than negate the wonders of the world we experience every day.