Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A question or two...

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, my favourite story was about another little girl who travelled to Cornwall for her summer holidays. I used to want to be that little girl, for she would always return home brown as a berry, not burnt to a crisp like I always seemed to do.
She would meet with family and friends and they would go on picnics and adventures...I was too young then for The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. Her picnics and adventures were of a simplistic nature and she would return home with her family on a train. I still think back to those days where I read of her over and over again. I was one of those kids that had this belief that if the story was good, you read it and re-read it just to enjoy the imagination once more.
It was a bit of the same with The Magic Faraway Tree, where I climbed up those branches numerous times and went to different worlds and ate exploding toffee in my mind all too often. My mother's complaint was that I always seemed to have my head in a book and wouldn't go out to play or get out from under her feet. I loved to read and still do fortunately.
Over the years I have lost count of the number of books I have read. One of my plans as a child was to keep a record of every book I read, not to mention document all the rivers and creeks I crossed in the family car, but, like all good things, they were forgotten when my short attention span cottoned onto something else!
Funny how those plans and memories come back as one becomes older.

What of you dear reader? Firstly, what were your favourite books as a child? What were the bizarre lists you kept for whatever reason?

This long Easter weekend away, we met finally, the little puppy we are about to call our own. His name is Stuart and he is a regular fluffball right now. We met him on a gorgeous balmy autumnal day with a hot sun beating down on us and we sat and chatted to his birth owners for a short time whilst we watched him play with his siblings. Stuart has a brother and sister, who came for the ride from Tallangatta (over an hour away) also. Ironically, Stuart was the last-born of the trilogy, but is the biggest and fluffiest of the three. It was interesting watching those three take big brave steps away from our little party of five humans but they never ventured too far and were happy to be swooped up by one of us and returned to the fold whenever necessary.
We pick the boy up in less than two weeks now and I know he will miss his siblings especially, quite dreadfully I am sure for there was a lot of rough and tumble between them that won't be there when he is on his own.
I only hope we can add to our canine minority further on in the year so as to provide him with company and a lifelong companion he can communicate with in doggy talk.

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