Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The night the fog rolled in.

I see on Facebook this evening everyone has marvellous photos of the fog as it launched itself on Melbourne.
My photos are a little more unusual.
For some reason, the moisture in the atmosphere created orb-like shapes and consequently it all looks a little Stephen King-ish.

We all agree the atmosphere is chilling...even Stuart who went for a walk as the fog descended was chilled on return to home with his human dad.

You cannot help but admire what nature dishes out sometimes, even in the coldest months. I love these times when sounds are muted thanks to the heavy laden air. The freeway sounds so far away and the birds still active so close.

As we did our lap of the block, Stuart was very observant of all that was happening (not a lot). He is beginning to be a lot more comfortable with cars and buses but still stops if there are people walking towards us. He will sometimes put on his 'Aren't I cute' pose so they will stop and chat to him. Other times he chooses to want to turn around from whence we came and tries to go back home, but, his mama is resolute and makes him walk the distance.
We have fewer sit-downs on the job now too as we walk and even though I am trying to instill a sense of 'heel dog' in him, he likes to think he is the leader in the game of who can get to wherever the fastest.

We are to be blessed with another dog of the same breed (Border Collie) in a few weeks time. She will be coming from as far away as Yarrawonga and she (as yet un-named) is a lilac and white coloured Border Collie as Stuart is a black and white.
We decided to welcome her into our home as a companion for Stuart and, if she is as well behaved as our little (read big, big, bigger every day) puppy is, we will be very fortunate indeed.
This little lady is one of 8 from the family we have wanted a puppy from for a long time now. As you may know, we lost a little puppy last year, and one of my colleagues connected me with the breeders of her family and promised us a pup from the first litter after we met them.
Her parents, Jazz and Joker are two gorgeous lilac and white BC's...and when I say lilac, I mean a purplish-brown colour.
We cannot wait for her arrival....she is already almost 2 weeks old and she'll be here in time for my 'better-half's' 60th. birthday!


  1. Jen, I love those photos. And I really like Border Collies. They can be a bit of a handful, as you probably are aware, but they're very intelligent dogs. I once saw a Border Collie walk into a pub in Cardiff and get served. As I was standing at the bar, the dog came in and jumped onto a bar-stool. The barman called something to the dog which ran jumped down and ran across to a bench underneath the window. A minute later the barman brought the dog a small bowl of fruit juice which it then drank before running out again. It was probably on a pub crawl. Perfectly true story. Honest.

  2. Rob, I believe every bit of your story...Honest!
    My Mum will be so impressed, she's lived in Australia for 85 of her 87 years but was born in Cardiff!


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