Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stuart Week 3 at home

The look on his face says it are a Luddite!
Its been a finicky few hours on here as I try out different bits and pieces on my blog site. Not sure if I like this style yet and I value any ones opinion. I am also trying to learn how to paste from Picasa successfully. My dear friend "E" showed me recently how to change my settings, but alas this computer has a mind of its own "Computer said NO" and I reverted back to the olden ways somehow so I have been trying to revert it back to the new way. Bit like trying to train Stuart to wait for his dinner!.....
I also had some difficulty with a lot of photos I had uploaded to Picasa but hopefully I have sorted that out now.
Time will tell in the not so distant future.
We are all abuzz here tonight...My nephews partner is in labour as we speak and has been since 1 am. I am waiting for that all important phone call to inform me I am a Great Aunt yet again! I just hope that this time, it all goes her way for a change as she has had a lot of sadness to cope with in recent times.
Shall keep you posted!


  1. Hey Jen! If you find out how to do the picassa thing you will have to show me. I like the new colour scheme. Very psychedelic! Hope all went well with your nephew and his family!

  2. Congrats on working it out, I did say that you could do it didn't I..? Not sure about the colours yet :o) but I'm glad that the size thing finally gelled. I knew you'd done it when I saw your post on soaring.

  3. God! I read your blog and see how great your computer skills are and realise how totally inept I am!
    Keep it up Jen, love reading your blog.

  4. Oh no, the new baby doesn't roll his eyes at you like a teenager would, does he?


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