Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am from a single fronted house, from tomato soup, bread and jam and cream and from a three bedroom home, five kids, a dog and a Mum and a Dad.

I am from the home where I fell on a glass milk bottle, where I tore my knee on the chicken coop wire, where my cocky danced to my songs and my puss cat bailed me up in the sideway passage.

I am from the river close to home, from broad beans in the backyard, the almond tree on the fence line and the nectarine tree which I used to climb to get onto the house roof.

I am from a family that used to fox-trot at Christmas parties and camp in a campervan and tent. I am from the love of my parents. I am from Ireland and Wales and outback Australia. I am from Polish heritage also and am second last in that family of five.

I am from the family that had ghosts in the house that sat on our legs while we were sleeping and from the family that pinched chocolates from my sister's stockpile whilst she wasn't there.
I am from childhood ballet with aspirations of being a prima ballerina one day. I am from a family love of books and was an avid reader as a result. I am from the place where ducks fly to when they pass away.

I am from Christian stock, but alas, religion left no imprint on me. I am a product of Sunday School and confirmation and best dresses and clean shoes and socks on Sundays, not to mention gloves, my trusty Bible and 20 pence to put in the plate.

I'm from Melbourne, Australia and from Cardiff, Wales. I am from New South Wales also. I am from carrots in the backyard, grown by my Dad and pulled clean from the ground and eaten with the dirt still attached. I am also from Golden Syrup and Dumplings created by my Mum for Sunday desserts.

From the story of Uncle Herd who sailed the Seven Seas and always promised me a China Doll when he returned, not to mention being a descendant from Morgan The Pirate...perhaps that's where I obtained my streak of Independence. I am from a grandfather who was a merchant seaman and a grandmother who was a Lady's Maid in England. I was from a  grandfather who was cruel to his children and made them leave school in Grade Three and work on the farm. I was from a Dad fought in World War 2 in New Guinea, who worked all his life but was so gentle and kind to his children, even if they were naughty. I was from a Mum who wanted to be a nurse (like myself) but could not afford the uniform, so worked in a cake shop instead. I was from a family made up of hundreds upon hundreds, each with their own story and each with their own history.

I am from Ada and George and I am from the sun on my back. I am from the smell of warmth in summer and the feel of snow in winter.
I am from the excitement of seeing the sea for the first time on holidays and the sunburn I acquired on my nose and back as a result.
I am from the Barbie Doll I always longed for and from the Walking Mama Doll I received from the lady across the road. I am from swap cards and paper dolls, school days, school friends, walks to the river and so much more.

There is so much more to a person than we will ever know. These are just some of the things in my life that have made me.


  1. That's cool Jen, I might have to give that one a go, makes you think...

  2. Hey Jen, I'm from Ada and George too! My Mum's parents were Ada and George Yardley! I like what you've written. Very evocative!

  3. Love it! The way it flows.

    I might give it a try one of these days. Sometime you've got to tell more about the ghosts on the legs.

  4. Hi Jen, That was amazing. Wonderful to read. (Cousin Dee from Sydney - I'm from Arthur & Jan)


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