Saturday, June 11, 2011

The grumpy dog and other tales

It seems to be that my problems are resolved. Some one told me to make sure I sign out after each access to my blog and ensure the "Stay Signed In" button was not ticked.
I have done so and now have no issues with posting comments on others blogs.....'Its a miracle'!
Perhaps it was my not checking the box....or it was Google's erroneous ways that have been repaired. I neither know or care...all I know is that I can now post in other sites and I am one happy chappy again.

I am thinking of starting my very own 365 days of photos site....posting a pic every day of the year...a pic about anything...just for that day....
What do you think Oh Avid Readers and Blog Watchers of my site?
Who knows...It might end up being a labour of love or a labour of forgetting. I could take photos at work (with consent of course), or of the outdoors, the weather, people in the street, the chewing gum my dog picked up as we went for a walk today dammit! Not fun wrestling THAT out of his mouth I can tell you! It can be a photo of anything random...Just as long as I take a photo on that day.
I think I will start on the 1st. July and take it from there. Mind, the days/ evenings/nights I am not home means I will have to multiple post occasionally so watch out folks.

The lad is getting bigger each week. I reckon he might be somewhere in the vicinity of 10 kilos now. He was 7.5 kgms when we went to the vets a couple of weeks ago and he would eat all day if I let him. Its a bit hard to know just how much to feed him as he's still having three meals a day, but he's pretty active and loves his walkies....we have a friendly dog in the square who sits and says hello telepathically as we walk past. There is a nasty grumpy dog who carries on as we walk past...I tell Stuart he is just jealous as we, (Stuart and I) suspect Grumpy Dog never goes for walkies! Every so often Stuart sits down as we walk as he gets a little tired and needs a rest. If someone else walks past he is scared...if a car goes past he is scared. If the birds fly past he is scared...I think I would rather he be scared right now though than him think he is big and brave and ready to take them all on. I have found though, walking him around the neighbourhood, people are very friendly and smile and acknowledge us as a couple. Today we walked past a man who resides behind us who was out clearing his front garden. Stuart being Stuart got frightened when he realised there was a strange man in his vision so he sat down on the job again. The gentleman was most apologetic and walked to his fence, laughing as he watched me drag this sitting dog past the front of his place. Perhaps I need to get a skateboard for such occasions and just wheel him along...
So, if you should see an oldish gal, wheeling a growing Border Collie on a skateboard past your house, take a moment to say hello as its more than likely Stuart and me!!!

Our puppy school started last week. Stuart is the youngest in the class of 6, and also the biggest. He is the noisiest of all and the most exuberant. I was most apprehensive when the Vet Nurse gave everyone a turn off the leash, especially when Mr. Exuberant had his go and thought he could go berserk.. She taught me though how to restrain him by sitting him on her lap and holding his 'shoulders'. She also implied that some people are mistaken when choosing their dogs, especially Border Collies if they expect their dogs to be well behaved and obedient. I know he tries to be a good boy, but he is still only a 13 week old pup and forgets very quickly. He is very well behaved though when going for walkies and we are trying very hard with our sit, stay and come commands. I know though, come Tuesday night again, the craziness will occur again with all those dogamones floating around and all we have taught him this week might just float out the window!
I will keep you posted as to the antics of my lovable crazy dog and his dotty owner as they eventuate. Have a great weekend and don't forget the birthday cake and tiara on Monday!


  1. I'm looking forward to a fiscal year of fotos.

  2. He's certainly getting big and Murray looks fully in control there..!

  3. The daily photos are a great idea. I had the idea of a photo a week a year or so ago and it made me take notice of the little things. Then I forgot about it for a while. If you do it I might be inspired again! Glad you fixed the bug!

  4. And I thought I was the problem trying to comment on your blog. Turns out it was you along...


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