Monday, June 6, 2011

A little girl with a bow in her hair

I recently came across an old school photo and it set me wondering about what has happened over the years to my former colleagues and playmates. Given the year was 1962, I cannot help but wonder how life has been for all these people and where they might be now.Many of the faces I still recognise and some names I do remember, but there are a few there who I haven't a clue as to who they might be.

Thats me, second row, second on the right, with a bow in my hair next to sexy legs!
Where are you David and Phillip (top row).

Where are you Pearl, Beverly, Christina, Anne, Barbara, Margaret, Yvonne, and Margaret?

Where are you Maria, Suzanne, Lorna, Kay and Gail?

Where are you Andrew, Neil, Robert, Graham and Andrew?

You do have to wonder don't you?

We all have stories to tell about our school days...the good times and the not so good times. The smell of school bags with warm sandwiches and brown apples. Bottles of milk left out on the front step of the school. Toffees we purchased from the milkbar across the road that had a ha'penny in the bottom. Shelter Sheds and play equipment....ahhh. Funny how I remember them well, yet if you asked me what I did yesterday, I'd have to stop and think!


  1. I like your Autumn leaves Jen!

  2. I guessed (when the photo appeared on Soaring) that it would eventually end up here! I'm presuming you are talking second row down, not up? I picked you over on the other site, your girl looked exactly the same at that age too, well, different but the same... :o) No idea what happened to my school peers, but then it wasn't only a lifetime ago but half a world away too..sigh!

  3. and 40 kids in the class...I bet you all learned to read, write and mind your manners too.

  4. And just think you did all that stuff without and I-Pod....

  5. Ooops, that wasn't meant to go onto Soaring. Have removed it post haste!
    What did we do without mobile phones, and I-Pods and computers in general come to think of it!

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