Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not the best

Its one of those days today where I am not feeling my usual self.
I feel very tired...and I have a ginormous cold sore on my bottom lip that hurts not to mention the aches and pains associated with such viral inconveniences.
I suspect its all related to work and being so busy over what was supposed to have been a 'wind-down' Queen's Birthday weekend.
My other half went up to our country mansion for the long-weekend, whilst I travelled to and from work and not much else.
Stuart and Mez kept me company, so we fitted in some daily walks which were good for the mind and body.
As I sat down to type just now, Stuart was in the lounge, talking through one of his squeaky toys. He loves to make them squeak and he will sit there for ages with this high pitched voice appearing to emanate from him.
I digress though...as I was saying, there were sound effects from the lounge compliments of the Lord of the Manor and now its all just gone very quiet. That kind of quiet where you just know someone is up to mischief and doesn't want you to know about it.
I must go and investigate!
This is what I found. Our long walk post bath (in preparation for Puppy School this evening), must have tuckered him out.
Ahhh how good it must be to stop and sleep whenever you felt like it!

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