Friday, May 27, 2011

Fiddly Friday

Yes, indeed it is the last day of the PlaySchool Week for those Australians who grew up with the sounds of "Open wide...come inside, it's Playschool"!

I was up at 7 today...woken by Stuarts early morning refrain of "come get me out of this smelly laundry and feed me Mum!!!"
Actually I am sure he does not refer to me as Mum...more as 'thing with a soft sound bark who gives me treats and food and drink as well as growls from time to time'. She takes me outside and plays with me by throwing a round thing with colours and expects me to run after it and bring it back but ha! I am not stupid...I am a pedigree dog (in my own mind) and I will fetch the round furry thing with colours when I want to!!!

You do have to wonder what our pets think of us don't you...I am sure the two budgies we have think of me as the thing that wears colours that tries to emulate them and make noise is a stupid way...always the same thing over and over again. She also gives us delicious seed from time to time and water, but we much prefer the thing with dark hair who feeds us our staple diet and freshens our water all the time as opposed to the boring one.

We used to have a cat once upon a time called Sox who was our bequeathment when Muz's mother died and the kids were littlies. The cat was very disdaining and must have thought we were right nobs, for when she lived at Muz's Mum's she slept on the bed and did whatever she wanted. Sox however here had to put up with 'other critters that made loud abrasive purring sounds' and would chase her whenever they could. I am sure Sox pined for her 'other' life before the big move but she adapted in her own way and learnt to tease the dogs from on high so they would waste their voices and fall down exhausted eventually.
Sox eventually died one night by herself out the front and is probably now still sleeping on that big bed in the sky with all the other cats that have gone on before us.
Can you imagine what Kitty Heaven must be like.....I wonder if they segregate the domesticated cats from the feral ones...perhaps the different breeds live amongst themselves as they all probably speak their own cat language as do dogs I am sure.
The same can be said for birds and kangaroos and elephants...different voices and different languages for different species...just like us!
Well, that's a pretty vast assumption all about existentialism today.....its also my philosophy on life (for the moment) or perhaps its the two cups of vanilla coffee I have consumed so far already today that have triggered my words.

I am currently trying to train Stuart in the art of going for a walk with a leash. I strongly suspect he is of the belief that a leash is for pulling we humans in the direction of HIS fancy thank you very much and he appears to have a strong belief in sitting down on the job when he fancies also.
This preparation is for next Monday when I take him for his second vaccination prior to big walkies...
That shall be a joyous day...walks in the park...(probably more like runs in the park if he has his way). I have learned though that to carry treats in a pocket...Liver Bites seem to be the favourite right now, is a bona fide guarantee that he will be a bit more compliant than if I don't!!!
We are enrolled in puppy school also which will give him some basic education in how to be a really really really really good dog (with a bit of luck).
I am a bit over the chewed chair legs and the going outside for a wee and not doing a wee only to come back inside and finding that favourite spot to have a wee trick he thinks is so very clever! I am also a bit over having to defend the toilet brush's honour as he likes to take it from its resting spot (by the toilet) and place it in other areas of the in HIS bed in the kitchen, or on the lounge room couch!
Mind, the carpet has not been cleaner with all the powders and spays used to clean smells like a proverbial vanilla bean pod in here right now!
So...thus is my life..revolving around a little (soon to be big) black and white pup who really IS the Lord of the Manor....
Tonight I work a night shift...should be fun trying to sleep tomorrow whilst he stakes his claim throughout the house again.
So,....its not Thank God Its Friday here.......Its Thank God For Dogs from me!

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