Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the fight against cancer...

I've just spent the best part of the last 24 hours walking with many others in our local relay for life program that happens once a year.

I am part of a team known as Joan's Team in loving memory of a dear colleague who died some four years ago from a cancer related disease.
I am a mere participator, whereas another dear friend Lizzie is a coordinator and leader of our group with support by another, Gayle. Each year the focus is to raise funds for cancer research and education.

This year there have been more participants, groups and money raised than in years past, so it's obvious the word is getting out there that help is needed in order to eradicate this scourge from our lives.

Many people come along dressed in the traditional relay shirts and various bottoms. Some use the opportunity to dress up a bit and demonstrate their inner child.

At sundown on the Saturday there is a custom each year of lighting candles for those that have died, those fighting against cancer and those that have won the battle.

The time does give us opportunity to remember those we have loved and lost and those that are still battling against cancer. We too also rejoice with those that have fought against cancer and have won.

The whole concept is a very exhilirating experience despite being footsore and weary on the Sunday and one is left with the feeling that one has supported the community at large by being involved however minor in something so very great.


  1. fun time walking with hundreds of people for a good cause. I am a cancer survivor! thanks.

  2. Well Doreen, in part we walked for you....our cheers are for you also being a survivor.
    Not so much heroic Scrappy...more participating in a worthwhile cause that impacts on us all....


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