Monday, May 23, 2011

Stuart Week Three

Well, for those of you who are not yet bored, here are a few more pics of the Lord of the Manor. As you will see, he is steadily creating a niche within our hearts and making himself firmly ensconced into our lives.....
What more could you ask for, when you come home and he literally cries with excitement to see you!
Mind, he was not so excited with his first bath in the laundry trough this morning...but boy did he scrub up well! Those photos will come later. Meanwhile, these are of the week just past. Enjoy!
Favourite place in the house.

Hole digging in the backyard.

Heres mud on ya nose!

Sour lemons don't taste the best!

Checking out the shoes...

The things you can do with post-it notes!

A lick......

A scratch......

A chew......

Waiting for the man of the house to come home...


  1. Gosh he's growing quick Jen, he'll be a 'big' dog by the time I get to see him. Murray's shoes look awfully tempting I must say...!

  2. I like the one with mud on his nose! He is so cute!


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