Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 Well folks, here are the first shots of our simply gorgeous new edition. His name is Stuart, and he is 8 weeks plus 2 days old.
We brought him home on Sunday from northern Victoria, Tallangatta to be precise and he has been an excellent little boy so far.
He loves company, but on the two occasions I have had to leave him home, he has been quite content to snooze until my return.
He currently is sleeping by the matrimonial bed and has given us no cause for complaint. Right now, he is sprawled out half on his bed, half on the floor as its exhausting being a little puppy, especially when there is so much to explore and play with.
Some of you may know our past history with dogs in recent times. We acquired a little puppy some 12 months ago who died not 3 weeks after we brought him home. Its taken me 12 months to summon up the courage to do this all over again and so far I am delighted.


  1. Can't wait to cuddle, big hugs and puppy kisses.
    Also can't wait to see what Miss Molly makes of him, that should be very funny.....

  2. Oh! He is so beautiful. I have a thing for border collies, especially since we lost our Barney Boy. Thanks for the comment by the way. I took the biscuits to work and they went down well! Did you like the shell hearts? Would you believe I found them on the front seat of my car as I came in to work?


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