Monday, May 16, 2011

Another day...another week.

Its a big week this week...An early morning wake up call by the new boss of the house got me doing stuff (housework) at a very early time for a change. Now its all done and I am contemplating whats on for the remainder of these next seven days.
Today takes me with my Mum to her eye clinic in Footscray where we will sit and wait for ages and ages with the hordes for a consultation, an eye exam, a CT scan, then another consultation before home. I am predicting this will take the best part of three hours and the appointment is not until 2:30 this afternoon,so you can well imagine my high anxiety at the thought.

Tomorrow I must arise at 6am. in order to be ready at the station (train) by 7:25 to catch the 7:28 into the city.
I am most unimpressed with Met Rail or whatever it is they call themselves these days because of my experience last week in the sleeting rain at North Melbourne Station, but, I plan this time to travel to Flinders Street and utilise the tram system as well. Perhaps I might "plank" on the tram lines whilst waiting for a tram just to pass the time. Is that legal still in Victoria?
The main reason for my hightailing it into the city tomorrow though is to ensure I am on time for the first of three days at the A.N.F. (Australian Nursing Federation) for an Introduction to becoming a Job Rep.

I've been one now (a job rep that is) for just under 12 months and had a couple of issues to deal with but all in all it will be interesting to know my limitations and boundaries in this capacity from now on.

So, that takes up Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I have off and plan to spend with my puppy who will suspect he has been abandoned, then its back to work again for the weekend.

How quickly time will fly this week. We'll all be another week older, Stuart will be that little bit bigger...he is already growing at leaps and bounds. There will be more babies born by the end of the week...many more I suspect, and, who will be the next person in high office to get the flick?
All will be revealed reader....all will be revealed.

Adios until next time.

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  1. Love to Ada, hope it all goes well Jen, plus a scratch behind the ears for your furry boy..!


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