Friday, January 21, 2011

Of seas and ships and sealing wax....

I kind of am enjoying this bartering thing which is happening on the page of my dear friend Lizzie.
Every evening (or when I can that is) I look to see what the bid is up to and so far I am in the lead even if by proxy.
Its great to be potentially involved in such a fundraiser....and I have plans of my own for another fundraiser I am involved in, should I win this one!

I have been working over the past few days. Tomorrow I am away from work and off to the Australian wedding for one of my colleagues. It just so happens there are two colleagues from work who were both recently married overseas (not together!).
One was in Scotland, and the other in Serbia and it is the Serbian couple's wedding I am attending tomorrow afternoon. It should be delightful as I have worked with Rachel for a few years now, gorgeous girl that she is. I suspect I'll need a few tissues or my handkerchief at the very least as its been a bit of a tumultuous time for both she and her husband between when they were first wed and tomorrow.
Lia, she who was married in Scotland, has had a bit more of a smooth path to her weddings. There are a number of other staff from work going to her wedding. If the timing is right tomorrow I will do my best to get from Rache's wedding to Lia's.
We shall see at the end of the day.
Hair at 10...champagne at the vicarage at 1...Rache's wedding at 2, Lia's wedding at 3, Rache's reception at 6, then Jo's to sleep away the night, brekky in the morning then work that afternoon.
What a whirlwind weekend that'll be!

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