Sunday, January 23, 2011

A wedding like no other.

Went to a different wedding yesterday afternoon.
As I mentioned, Rachel and the love of her life Branko are both Serbian (she of Serbian parents, born in Australia, he born and reared in Serbia and very very recently freshly migrated to Australia).
They met in Croatia and before you could say Borscht they had literally fallen in love and married. They re-affirmed their wedding vows back here in Geelong yesterday and you can tell by the never ending smile on Rachel's face that her committment is life long. Branko appears besotted with her and looks to have assimilated well already, even though he has only been here a short while.
We had a lovely evening with so much food, no alcohol but plenty of juice and soft drink which was a good thing, for a clear head the next day (bonus!).
Back to Jo's for a nights sleep then back home again Sunday morn in time for work at the Chaos Farm yet again this afternoon.
Photos will be posted soon!

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