Thursday, January 13, 2011

A long time coming.

Welll believe it or not, here is a blog from a woman who feels like she is just one mass of perspiration. It's so hot and sticky...way way way too hot to sleep even though I am tired.

A power failure within the home (circuit partially) has rendered neither TV workable this wet wet night so I am on the computer and consequently typing merrily away.
Amazing isn't it what makes one return to former practices yet again.

The weather here in Vic is hard to bear at present.

I cannot comprehend how difficult it must be in QLD right now with the horrendous flooding. The aftermath and consequences of thousands of people in Australia being homeless as a result of these recent events defies description.

A work colleague at work pointed out to me today whilst we were patiently waiting for our coffees that recent flooding in Pakistan rendered hundreds of thousands over there homeless. The death toll exceeded 1400.
The loss of life here in QLD and northern NSW has already reached 15 and emergency services believe it will rise as they continue to search once waters recede.
I just hope in the time to come, the people that have lost so much are adequately supported by those that have so much to share.

These words are minimal. They can not in any way give proper understanding to the anguish and heartbreak people up north are feeling , so many people whose lives have been severly impacted upon this night.

May those that have lost so much gain some small comfort in knowing yet again that their fellow countrymen care and will support them when needed.

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