Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mad Mouse

Did I tell you the story of my encounter last week with a rodent who believed my place was (note... WAS) his place?
Well, it goes like this...

It was a Saturday and I was oh so busy tidying up the pantry after dinner.

We knew of the existence of a mouse in the house...their usual trail (mouse poo...uuurrrrggghhhh) was evident at specific places within, and both my husband and daughter had sighted a little black thing scurrying around also.

I had to go into the pantry for something and as I opened the door, there was a movement just to my right, then I felt something plop onto my shoulder.
Sure enough...a bloody mouse thought he and I were best buddies and decided to say hello, but my scream of primal fear put paid to any long lasting relationship between he and I and off he ran down my arm, jumped onto the floor and hurried away out of sight...probably deaf by now.
By then, I was doing a little war dance also....I had an attack of the shakes and when I get a fright like that I tend to utilise these dance steps....a bit like a staccato drum stick that can't stop....
It was then I decided it was real live war so off I went quick smart down to the supermarket for some anti mouse stuff and consequently bought out the whole shop's worth of Ratsak and mouse traps.
Once I arrived back home I laid bait and traps every which way...I tell you it was like walking a mine field until I calmed down and realised that the pervading smell of peanut butter AND cheese would attract him wherever it was so I culled a few of the deliberately laid baits and waited.
Sure enough, the very next morning, there was a deceased mouse in one of the traps and even though I usually have a buddhist like mentality, this was one enemy of the state I was quite comfortable in getting rid of.
Just to be on the safe side, I left a couple of the traps and some of the bait around where any other self respecting mouse might chance upon it.

The mouse in the trap it just so happened was a light brown in colour and unsuspecting me thought perhaps Mus and Mez were a little colour blind, or maybe the shock of the springing trap or my scream might have made him go blonde all of a sudden so I was confident that was the last we would see of mice for this winter anyhow.

Fool that I am now it seems, for only last night as I was watching Packed To The Rafters, or Doc Martin, or Modern Family or Outnumbered...I have forgotten which, there in front of my very eyes I saw said BLACK mouse run along the wall in our rumpus room and with a twitch of his whiskers looked at me and I am sure he laughed...probably thinking..."thanks to you I am deaf, but I am not blind. I see you and now I don't have to put up with your prissy little human screams anymore"!

So, once again, out ready and armed are the mousetraps and the ratsack...hopefully to do their thing yet again!!!

(To be continued)

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  1. At least you traps seem to be working all right...hopefully you rid the mice soon! We tried some Ortho traps and they didn't work at all. It just made the mice ordeal last longer and longer


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