Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life is beautiful

I've nearly completed week one of 'being the boss' and I am amazed at how quickly the day goes.
Mind, the boss asked me to do a whole heap of stuff on top of the normal day to day stuff and I haven't even looked at the extra yet!
What with payglobal, holiday requests, sick leave, phone calls, keeping tabs on ward happenings and meetings....I am one busy little bee.
A few staff colleagues have been rather unwell this week too for one thing or another. There are a few nasty bugs floating around and I know they wouldn't take the time off if they could help it but it's not much fun trying to work in our environment when you're crook, so they're better off tucked up in bed after all.

The one thing I am not comfortable with is not knowing what is happening in the real world outside the office.
I know the ward is humming along, because I can hear the phones, I can hear staff talking and I know they are very busy. I make it a point to try and get out to see what's going on but I get so caught up with desk stuff it's impossible sometimes.
Yesterday I commented to someone about this very same thing and they replied that I just had to trust them. Of course trust is what we are all about in our job and every midwife has to trust her colleagues. We'd be a sinking ship if we didn't.

My Mum is improving. She is so much better than she was even a week ago. Today she had to present to the medical day procedure unit for an infusion of a medicine to improve her osteoporosis. I am so out of the loop with all this stuff. We get caught up in our own little world, mine being childbirth and the changes within medicine are ongoing all the time. It really is incredible the advancements in some fields. Unfortunately though it is not the same for all areas of medicine, but for now am grateful my mother's quality of life is improving again as the weather warms up a bit and winter passes.

I logged on to my emails today and was quite chuffed to have received an email from Andrea Robertson,(a well known childbirth educator) asking me if I would care to assist on the day of a conference I am going to in October. Why they asked me I don't know but nevertheless I am more than happy to help with name tags and paperwork etc on the day. A bonus is that they will refund me my deposit for the day so who am I to quibble.
Thank you Andrea.

Last week I attended a brilliant conference which was all about wellness in nursing.
One of the speakers was an incredibly energetic woman, who also happens to be my age but looks far far younger, by the name of Amanda Gore. Amanda travels all round the world, lecturing on relationships within workplaces and how to get the best out of your colleagues and yourself.
I was so impressed with Amanda's presentation I called her to tell her so and today I received this in the mail after we spoke as a result.

Inside were these...

It was like opening a suprise show-bag from the Royal Melbourne Show!

I shall list the items individually and I plan to use them at work.
They consisted of:-
2 books, 'The Gospel Of Joy' and 'You Can Be Happy'
Two DVD's, 'Lead Out Loud'(The secret skills of authentic leadership)with workbook and 'Live Out Loud', (The secret skills of living life to the fullest),plus a 6 audio CD set 'Whats The Difference That Makes The Difference? (The secret skills of life balance)'.
Also included were 10 little men figures, 2 pairs of rabbit ears, 4 pairs of happiness glasses and the piece de resistance .....a magical fairy wand.

My mission now is to become the Chief Fun Fairy at work...My aim, to put the Heart and Joy back into business.

I shall keep you posted on my accomplishments Fair Reader!

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  1. Hahahaha, I love the happiness glasses, love, love them and the fairy wand..! I have this vision of you prancing around work, wearing happiness glasses, waving a wand while some poor woman is push, push pushing...! God, I'm cruel aren't I. Love to the gorgeous Mrs Jones and the fabulous FGD.....
    Oh and the daughter and mother of the lovely people above...


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