Monday, August 30, 2010

The Life and Times of a Tired Midwife...

"Well, that's another day over", I said to myself as I walked out of the ward today. Throughout the course of the day I tried to remain happy and smiling even when I got my head bitten off by an irate husband...Can be a bit difficult as you can guess.
What a day...full when we started at 7, overflowing by 10. We even had to admit a woman who had presented bright and early for a caesarian section, into a consulting room for the time being until we had discharged a postnatal mother and baby and had a spare bed to put her in.
The weekends have always been traditionally quieter at work than the week days as we usually do not have any elective admissions to deal with. This weekend however was the exception to the rule. Last evening there were 7 women in labour during our shift and each of the 3 midwives who were working with me had to care for two labouring women each which is well against midwife/patient ratios. We survived though yet again, with 6 or 7 births by the time we left to go home...I lost count after a while.
The one positive about such busyness is that the time goes quickly...sometimes much too quickly, but home time arrives and you're off out the door before you know it. To be honest, there are times at the end of the day I feel like I have been cheated of my days work due to the speed of time.
In a few weeks our unit manager goes on leave for three weeks and she has asked me to cover while she is away. It is a job I do not relish as the job comprises of meeting upon meetings, lots and lots of computer work (emails, not facebook or blogs!!!) and counselling staff through these hard busy times we are experiencing. In the past when I have temporarily taken the job on I have felt very frustrated as I'm constantly aware of the pace in which my colleagues are working and am unable to contribute because of those alternate responsibilities. I suppose I will do my usual thing and be darting in and out of the office trying to create a compromise for stressed staff who are becoming very tired of their workloads.

The major reason though for my smiles today though is my Mum. It was a real joy to walk into her little cottage this afternoon to find her busily sorting out her beloved collection of tapes she has amassed over the years. This is a sign she is on the mend after a few horrible weeks of pain and major discomfort. I have even promised I will take her out for lunch tomorrow if the weather remains bright and sunny so she can absorb some vitamin D for a change. She even had a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit while I was there which was a contrast to her recent loss of appetite and resultant nausea.

Another reasons for my smiles is to read wonderful comments I received both on here and on my facebook site from loved friends and family.
In case you cannot tell, I do love to write and find this blogging very therapeutic for my soul.
When times are hard I have found writing about it most cathartic and it helps me understand the way I think and helps me to rationalise why 'things' happen at different times in our lives.

Reading has always been one of my most favourite past times. To me there is nothing better than curling up with my version of a good book. I love how a story can transport you into another realm and will take you away from reality for the term of the novel you have become involved in.
I would love to write stories but I am a perennial procrastinator and am very good at deflecting and putting off necessities in my life.
For example, a few blogs back I spoke about the collection of bits and pieces I acquired in order to create my hand for the quilt we at work are to create. I shamefacedly have to admit that the poor bits and pieces that are readily awaiting my tapestry are still shut away, yet to see the light of day.
I keep on thinking that I will do it tomorrow and perhaps tomorrow I will...It's like joining a gym and becoming that regular organised person that gets her moneys worth out of the subscription....that's not me I'm afraid...there are a number of local gyms I have joined with such good intentions only to lose interest half way through.
Perhaps that's why everyone is so very different...I am a deflector of the major kind...others get their 'stuff' and do it...perhaps its to do with mojo...who knows...the funny thing is that I smile and get on with it all...and nothing phases me too much in life. Even those horrible gob smacking occurrences that make you question why we experience what we do, I digest and take on board.

Once again, I say ..."Such is life" quote a now deceased bushranger, and wish you all a methodical organised life...unlike mine!


  1. Glad your mum is much on the improve, give her my love.. You just work too hard my dear, I know you love what you do but you need some me time..! Actually, that should read 'we' time! Will be in touch next week when I get home, John goes back to work on the 12th, so we should work out a day for a trip somewhere, if the sun shines we could take his little red flash...???

  2. OOOOOEEEERRRR...that sounds like a promise..I will take that on board and keep you to it. I veery much cherish our time together and look forward to catching up with you. xxxx


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