Saturday, September 4, 2010

When the party's over...

I've just worked a very pleasant shift at work but feel quite shell shocked in the aftermath of last week.
We ended up having 197 births for August of this year...There are now 197 extra people residing in or near where I work and live.
For every birth there are two could say that 2/3 of those babies are living with 2 lets say 130 of those babies have two parents living with them. For the others, there are 67 single parents minimum.
Maybe half of those newborns have least one, if not we could say there are approximately a minimum of 200 siblings living with those babies.
197+130+67+200 = 600 odd people directly involved in the all those births in just one month.
That equates to a hell of a lot of people in my reckoning.

Our unit has only 28 beds with a 4 bed overflow in heightened times.

No wonder we were all bushwhacked after such a frantic month.

I certainly don't expect it to end.Far from it. In fact I know this will only get busier as time goes on. I am just curious to know where we are going to obtain the extra midwives and obstetricians from to accommodate such increases in our birthing numbers.

I am looking to retire in or around 10 years. I presume there are many others around my age who will do likewise.
Not that I think I am irreplaceable by any means but who will replace me when I am gone?

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