Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shops, mothers and other things

Time to write some more. I haven't put any words on here for a while as I have been quietly distracted with my unwell mother and that other place in my life called work.

Mum has been crook with a winter ailment. At 86 years of age I guess she is entitled to feel unwell when the temperature drops and it's bitterly cold outside. Just to side step for a moment we in Victoria have experienced mammoth snow falls in the highlands and so the temperature even in Melbourne has been the lowest for this winter season for many years. A bonus to the lousy weather though is the rainfall which has given the water catchment areas a reason for celebrating for a change.

This last week our water restrictions have been eased a little, but the free for all days of sprinklers and water slides in the backyards are long gone and I resume are never to return.
I am wondering now if we will be given consent to use our bores again as the council forbade us their use a couple of years ago due to the falling water table. The local market gardeners south of us utilise theirs I am sure constantly but we being the good citizens of Wyndham have abided by the rules and bans and as a consequence our bore mechanics have collapsed. It'll cost us a few dollars to repair once the ban is lifted to be sure to be sure.

Today I think I saw a glimmer of improvement in Mum. It seems she does improve when surrounded by family members but I am hoping some warm weather might make her feel a little less sore than she has been feeling of late.
Unfortunately, a side adjunct to her pain and discomfort is horrible nausea and some vomiting, which makes an already slender frame even less resistant to further weight loss.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I trekked up north yet again to our beloved hideaway for a couple of nights.

The worst thing about going up there is having to come home again. It would be so easy to live up there permanently and there are times I am sorely tempted to look at permanent accommodation, but we have many commitments home here, so I dare not tease myself with the concept too often.
Mind, it is an enjoyable past time looking in the local real estate windows when we're up there.

I have, in recent times taken a liking to photographing shop windows whilst away and I will share some with you, reader, today....

These were both taken in a town known as Nagambie which is on the way to a bigger town known as Shepparton. I love the feature of the Bushells about utilising the new with the old....

This next pic was taken in Beechworth on a chilly winters day. The cat was obviously enjoying the warmth in the window. Can't say I blame him with such cold days as we've been experiencing.
Nothing more spectacular to say except that life goes on, babies continue to be born, work gets busier and time escapes us.
There is a lot to be said in the phrase 'Carpe Diem'...seize the day.
Make the most of what you have, when you can and take time to STOP and smell the roses.
You may return to a physical place in your life, but you will never return there in the same emotional time and place. So, from me,...enjoy the moment!

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  1. Lovely Jen,
    Bought a tear to my eye!
    Jan Scott (Boucher)


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