Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its a Saturday night...

Its Saturday evening. I've just finished another shift at work. No one is home as Mez has gone back to Edithvale and Murray has gone to the football and its 10:27. He'll be home soon I guess and hopefully Collingwood has won yet again. Another step closer to the finals...not that I really care who wins but I know he'll be happy.
Am tired yet again. Seems to be a bit of a habit this exhaustion of late.
I relish my bed and its dreams even if they are a tad weird at times.
I am thinking that perhaps we need a new mattress as I wake up with so many aches and pains lately. The mattress is only a couple of years old but its already beginning to feel a little worn.
I am hoping tomorrow to accomplish a few things. We're off to brekky with our lovely neighbours and friends Jim and Fay.
I then plan to go to Spotlight to gather some resources for my hand.
Long story there.
Recent times at work saw a hoarding put up opposite our main desk as extensive renovations are being performed at work. One of the staff had the bright idea to decorate the hoarding with hand prints so quite a few of us decorated the wall with hand outlines drawn with marker pens. Even one of the obstetricians complied...and the plan was to gather as many hand prints as we could. I was even thinking of creating dot motifs as in indigenous drawings, but alas, that all went rather awry.
Next thing we know we got a very perfunctory email from admin telling us we were very naughty...we had to leave the hoarding alone as the company doing the renovations did not like our decorations and so our rudimentary form of decoration was swiftly painted over by maintenance staff and we got a stern ticking off.
As a consequence, a couple of us put our heads together and hit upon creating a quilt with all the pieces created by staff. One stipulation was that each section had to incorporate a hand outline and the creativity I have already observed is amazing.
I am a bit of a dud when it comes to art work...I never did very well at school and when it comes to creativity I fall way behind...I leave that to my friends and colleagues I'm afraid.
I have my piece of material...I now have to hit upon my own bit of originality and I think I will buy some paints from Spotlight tomorrow and do my very own dot painting.
Hands are a symbol in midwifery...they imply touch and trust. They imply gentleness, caressing and love and hopefully my hand will do just that also like the others I have seen so far.

My husband has just returned home... I hear his car engine and soon there will be a key in the door.
I will leave this for now and give you a step by step photographic exhibition once I get started...hopefully tomorrow.
PS. His beloved team won by the way!

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  1. Can't wait to see that, should be awesome....!


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