Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When things go bump in the day.....

Just a quick one before I disappear off to do chores and things.
Today has been an upside down kind of day. Started out with great intentions which fell flat half way through.
Was walking over to my Mum's but had to do a U-turn and come back home about halfway there which was very frustrating.
I tend to shoulder these things though and get on with it. Not too much thought goes into disappointments because I realise nowadays its a wasted sentiment.
There's so much else to think about and procrastinate about (like paying bills), so I make all these further plans in my head and shelve the bits that would ordinarily get me upset.
Am off out to dinner tonight to say Bon Voyage to a dear workmate of whom I am very fond of.
Hopefully it'll be a good night and I wish him well on his journey to Europe.
Am back to work tomorrow for one shift then will traipse into the city for a 2 day conference fully sponsored by my union (ANF).
I decided to become job rep this year mainly to gain more understanding about our work conditions and rights. Our unit is going through monumental changes at the moment and I feel we need clarification on many things. This conference in an annual get together of all job reps. We listen to the wants of other nurses and midwives throughout the state and add ours in too if there is time.
Every workplace has its wants I am sure and we are not alone in presuming our workplace has some good and some appalling work conditions.
At least though I have a job with a reasonable income so I really do have no cause for complaint.
I will say this though that we nurses and midwives are severely underpaid when I know a 14 year old boy who umpires soccer gets an hourly rate greater than mine!
I have been hearing noises throughout the house in the last 24 hours, almost to the point of me getting up to check whats making the noises.
Murray and I were sitting down in the rumpus room yesterday evening and I could hear sounds emanating from the kitchen like I am hearing now but on inspection there is nothing to be seen.
Funnily enough I'm not frightened, more curious as to whats causing the noises....

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