Saturday, April 4, 2015

A story for Mal

Today I am writing. Not because it is Easter time. Not because I feel sad for yet another child with progeria who has died. Not because I have eaten too much chocolate, which I actually haven't (put that in ya book Mr. Ripley!).
I am writing for a friend I made and met whilst we were in France last October. 
I cannot understand how that trip is now six months away from today. Six months! Six bloody months sinced I accomplished a few adventures on my own personal bucket list over in Europe.
Unbelievable how quickly time passes when you are that little bit older.
I suppose some short term memory loss has kicked in and some days now they have gone, might not even have existed if I did not have calendars throughout my home.
They were obviously not special days as I have no recollection, so I believe that could be a reason why time has dissipated without recognition.
This friend of mine (Murray's too I might add) has steadfastly remained in contact with me and sends me occasional messages as well as lots of funny humourous sayings and video clips to make me smile and laugh. This lady is a gentle compassionate soul who lives close to water in northern New South Wales with her partner in crime and time. May they both live happily ever after in their spot in the universe.
My friend, in a roundabout way has prompted me to write as she said she had missed my writings of late, so, here it is. Once again a lot of flotsam and jetsam and much ado about nothing really. Just a bunch of words thrown together to form a collection of sentences, but entertaining and time occupying for me all the same.
It's Sunday morning here as I write. Easter Morning to be precise and I sit out front of my cabin, on my own with my cup of green tea with ginger (invigorating to the digestive tract) and listen to the sounds of the holiday park in which I reside.
Children laughing and playing, probably comparing chocolate stashes, cars whizzing by on their way to church no doubt, others cooking on their camp stoves, bicycle bells, occasional birds getting their two bobs worth in and people emptying their rubbish from the previous evenings revelry (holiday parks rock at night time!!!).  Footsteps on the gravel can be heard too as people walk and run and ride their bikes and drive their cars around the road within the park. One never gets the sense of being alone here yet ones can be alone at the same time. This is a very family oriented park with its big jumping castle out the front and play areas around conducive to children's' occupation and playing.
It is Easter and my plan is to travel to Harrietville this morn as I am of the understanding they have yet another market to attend. I went to the Bright Market yesterday and in parts it was jammed pack with people, in other places it was not so busy. 
For the life of me I cannot understand why people bring their dogs to such events, especially little ones that are encouraged to walk on a leash. I tripped over one dog, hopefully not hurting it too much in the process, apart from my pride. Got a dirty look from the owner as I obviously wasn't looking where I was going in the crowded throng. There was another dog obviously lost and running up and down looking for its owner. I do hope he/she found who it was looking for eventually. There were heaps of designer dogs being carried in handbags a la Paris Hilton which seems to be a new wave thing!
For those of you that reside in Melbourne and have been to Vic Markets on the odd occasion, there were even the South American musicians playing the pan pipe music, not to mention the heavy metal musical man and the young chap with his beautiful lab sitting there along side as the master played his guitar.

The rain has just started here and the perfume in the air, magnificent. 
I have just realised I've left yesterday's washing on the clothes line out back....oh well it'll have to dry another day and it's a good excuse for me to pack up my breakfast stuff and prepare myself for a venture to the foot of the snow mountains for the day.
So there my friend Mal..... A little bit of rumination for you. Now i've written this, I hopefully will have the urge to write some more later today.
May every person who reads this have a safe happy Easter (what's left of it that is) and we will catch up on the flip side as Julian Lennon is oft to say!
Buon Pascale! Joyeuses Paques!

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