Monday, April 6, 2015

Every day's a new day...

A different day today. One filled with yet again, another tinge of sadness; a large quantity of joy and anticipation, some celebration, some thankfulness for friends we have and to round it up, a feeling of never ever wanting to eat again.
Murray and I were up early this morning as the plan was to meet the owners of the property we are purchasing then mosey on over to the local winery to celebrate a another friend's 70th. birthday.
Our primary plan was mildly thwarted as the wife of the property we are purchasing is unwell and in hospital but the husband was happy to meet us at our soon to be new address providing it was early in the morning as he had to go be with his wife for the best part of the day elsewhere.
Given this lady is unwell, we had wanted to purchase some flowers for her husband to take to her whilst she was in hospital, but despite visiting the one and only florist in Bright, then both supermarkets, not to mention Myrtlefords opportunities, we had to go empty handed as there were no flowers fit for an unwell patient in hospital to be purchased.
We visited our property and we're delighted yet again with what it has to offer us....beautiful scenery, a delightful contemporary (to us) home, albeit 15 years old, a marvellous garden and lots of opportunities to flash my camera again and again. It was with some sadness we learnt that the wife is extremely unwell in hospital and her treatment is palliative at this time. Consequently, the husband is not yet sure where his future lies once he leaves this property other than him residing in town with his wife until life declares itself, once we move up and in.
He is a very personable chap, quite easy to talk to and more than willing to support Murray with his initial ventures once we make the grand move.
We worked out some logistics re fridge, freezer, kitchen dresser, washing machine and so forth. Checked out the ride-on mower, equipped with trailer and props, spray system, chain-saw and various collections of timber and corrugated iron etc. and then it was time to depart so he could be with his wife.
We called into town for a coffee and then returned from whence we came (our cabin) to prepare for lunch with friends at Boynton's Winery across the road.
It's a delightful 10 to 15 minute walk from our cabin which is just as well, as quaffing a few wines mid day is not conducive to driving afterwards regardless of the distance so needless to say after our rather large lunch we walked back to our abode to rest up for a bit.
Lunch was in honour of Pauline who lives just a couple of cabins down from us. It's Pauline's 70th. birthday this week so celebrations were in order . Plenty of wine was drunk, white and red and our two-course meal was to die for. I am no food commentator, but it was delicious and plentiful and the service by all the staff exemplary not to mention we were also honoured with a visit by Kel and Janine, the owners of the winery who certainly know how to host.

Just a little example above of my roast pork with crackling. Scrumptious to say the very least. 
I don't normally take photos of food but this was the exception today!
Following our delightful meal we all staggered home...staggered for more reasons than one...then just as I was about to rest up Fay tripped down to tell us the park owner had baked scones and jam and cream for Pauline as well and we were to partake (again!!!) of fine food.
No room at the in my belly for anything else tonight that's for sure!!!

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