Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wandering along the pathway

I had started this journal a couple of days ago when our world in Australia was besieged and consequently very sad with the deaths of innocent people because of one madman.

This was not my purpose for writing so late at night when my world is quiet. The street is dark, the dogs and birds are sleeping as is my husband. My problem is I have so many thoughts roaming through my brain I cannot switch it off, so, write I must.

I was planning initially to start my exposay into life as a student nurse in the 1970's but there is so much to write about, so much to dredge up from the cortex of my brain I might leave it for another day.

I recently had a visit into a health establishment in the inner city of Melbourne and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised with my experience..... well, some of it anyhow. I won't go into the bits of what I didn't enjoy as it's totally irrelevant when trying to write a light bit of fluff.
I must say though that I had direct continuity of staff, from my (yes, my) night nurse who cared for me from my first to my last night, as well as the nurses during the day.
I found this continuity to be so very important as when I was initially admitted I was feeling somewhat miserable and revolting and wanted to be unconscious ( which wasn't the case I might add). By my time of discharge I was feeling so much better and back to myself and it was important to me for these nurses to see the real Jenny...not the monosyllabic misery guts who couldn't keep her eyes open without vomiting and crying! I can assure you dear reader, I am NOT like that normally hence the importance of that said continuity for me.
The staff from the nurses, be they clinical or the pain nurse or the gynae nurse, the cleaners who came in and vacuumed and emptied my rubbish bins every day, the food services staff who, when safe to do so, bought me tea and iced water, breakfast, lunch and dinner were all pleasant and friendly, not to mention the woman who bought in a fresh newspaper every day as well with compliments.
Nothing was too much bother. My buzzer was answered quickly and my needs met quickly as a consequence. 
I come from an environment of frantically busy midwives and nurses who do their utmost best to exude the same calmness and spontaneity but are hampered by the large volumes of people we care for every day and their ensuing dramas, so this recent experience is no criticism of my work environment nor is it a judgment of, or comparison to my workplace. It is merely an observation albeit a pleasurable one of my recent expense about being 'on the other side' for a change.
My first couple of days were spent trying to sleep more than be awake I felt so bad, but once I improved I began to observe my own habits of this time, and realised just how unusual I can be. 
For example, as mentioned earlier, I slept a lot initially. The day I began to emerge from my cocoon I would lie in bed. With the covers up I felt too warm from time to time so I would pull the covers down. Almost immediately I would begin to feel cold so, I would then pull the covers up again and snuggle under and relish the joy of being able to enjoy the increasing warmth again. I would adjust the pillow against my head, have a snooze then wake up too hot again then begin the whole procedure once more.
 I most likely had too much time on my hands as I wondered about this action=result=action and the physics involved in such activity a little bit until I was distracted with drinking from a straw whilst lying down.
I really now do appreciate the person who cleverly invented the bendy straw which is used in most hospitals throughout the land far and wide now.

I am enjoying some peace and tranquility when the dogs aren't barking although I find being stuck at home and not able to drive, so close to Christmas frustrating, but, such is life and it is very much a first world issue.
I am intrinsically healthy and for that I am grateful.

We have our home on the market at this present time and unfortunately I am beginning to think it's unsaleable as we have not had anyone come through for an inspection for over a week now. The most difficult part of being up for sale is the constant need to keep everything in its place, just in case someone should want to come have a look, but as I mentioned, it's been over a week since our last visit from the agent and supposedly interested parties, so, thankfully I have not been holding my breath.
Perhaps after Christmas it might change, I don't know anymore, as at the onset, we were spun the "We'll sell your house really quickly" tale and are still waiting.

Perhaps if I get bogged down tomorrow in my life story of a student nurse we might see some action at an inopportune time.

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  1. Hi Jen! Feel totally out of touch with what you're up to! Didn't know you were sick. Hope you're feeling better. Also didn't know you were selling! Wondering where you're off to! Sounds exiting! Love Bronxxx


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