Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cockatoo Magic

We're up north again for a fleeting visit and I was hoping to wander outside and take a few photos but it's raining softly on the roof and therefore I've decided to stay indoors till the rain stops.
I do love the rain up here, be it dramatic with thunder and lightning (we get plenty of that) or soft and gentle like today, nutritive for the ground and grass and all other things green.
There is a flavour in the air that is only apparent when the rain happens and it lifts the heart and makes me want to stay like this forever.
It's cool outside too and this I do prefer to the extreme heat that is apparent everywhere in this great land of ours come summertime.
I took some photos this morning of beautiful scenery, of which I hope I will never see with unseeing eyes.

You know how familiarity breeds contempt? If you have something in your life that you love when it's new, but forget about after a time, it's rather sad that the appreciation and that gob smacking awesomeness loses its presence once you look at it long enough.
I recall my mother when she and Dad lived in Rosebud, used to have a view to Arthur's Seat and she would stand out on her veranda every day with a cup of tea and admire her mountain.
Once we moved Mum up to be closer to family she lost that connection with her view and I have always felt sad that she has had to miss that lookout. Even now she still refers occasionally to 'her mountain' and wonders if it is still there.
Taking photos and putting the picture up on the wall is not quite the same as the real thing when you know the real thing is now unattainable. This makes me very determined to appreciate our good fortune and make the most of what we have in our life.
Even where we currently live, there is a gorgeous view from the front window which looks out onto the square. Night time has its own beauty there as our one street light comes on and shines on the front lawn. If it's foggy it creates a mystical type hue of a night time and many times I have been reminded of just how lucky we are.
The way the rain has set in I am thinking it'll be damp for a long haul now and I'll have to give my walk a miss.
We brought our dogs up with us as we always do. There often seems to be a tale these days of dogs going missing from their homes and even though we have to leave them when at work and when on big holidays we like to bring them up with us when we visit our nirvana.
Mind, they do have to stay in a farm stay/kennel whilst here, but the owners know them well now and like their presence and both dogs exude a happiness of sorts when we arrive (that may well be because they're sick of being cooped in the car who knows) but at least we know they are being cared for and it is a bit of an adventure for them.
They are both that little bit older now. Stuart is heading towards 4 years of age and Noni 3 1/2 now and really are delightful companions.
 Stuart is the woosey one and sooks a bit whereas Noni is quiet and just goes about her business. Stuart is also a typical adolescent and tries to expand the boundaries when out and about. One would think sometimes he doesn't know his name when he is called which can be an embarrassment until ones voice becomes a little gruff and he knows he is in trouble.
Noni however is the antithesis to such vexatious behaviour and is very well behaved, coming when called and forever trying to play 'fetch the ball' with anyone who is remotely interested.
Consequently dear reader, I have to provide yet another photo opportunity of the two of them for your perusal...

So, there you go, no lean machine here, but happy, healthy and well.

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