Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am now home from what has been a day of mixed emotions. 

No, not Offspring I hear you say.....
To tell the truth, I was going to conduct a one sided discussion about a certain theme that is dear to my heart that announced itself unexpectedly last night, and who knows, I may get to it shortly, but for now and without elaborating too much on detail, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some finer things of my life.

I was an early riser this morning. 'Why?' you ask. Any well meaning woman knows the emotion I am going to share with you all.... It's the "Oh my god, the cleaners' are coming today and the house is a mess AGAIN.... I have to clean it up before they get here" feeling, hence my rising at 0700 hrs., to give me time to not only ensure the house was relatively tidy for the fairy godmothers who come here every second week but, today was also TAX day which meant time to get the paperwork all together right at the last minute and tick all the boxes before I trundle off to the tax man with an appointment time there for 12 midday.
So, 11 am. saw me with two major feats accomplished, house AND paperwork all ready to go, so, with a spring in my step I jumped into my trusty vehicle and made my way over to Avondale Heights to spend 45 minutes with our accountant..... 
The best bit is that we don't owe.... I hold my breath each time I go there for fear he's going to turn around and say "Sorry, this one's on you"... but no, fortunately, they owe us yet again and so a little moolah will be spinning our way to our bank accounts not before too long.

So that was done and dusted without too much pain. Are you like me? Do you, every year make a promise to yourself that you will have your 'affairs' in order before the due date, only to have that mad scramble at the very end again like last time?
Like I said recently, Procrastination must have been my middle name for I am always planning to do this (organise myself), but never do.... I suppose that is how some people (like me) get stuff done at the last minute. It's how we live and it's how we organise our lives. Complete disorganisation = fait accomplee.
No cool calm, organised 'I know where's everything is in my house' life for me. I thrive on that mad scramble as the bell tolls....... That sick feeling in your tum when you think you've lost it all, feeling, only to have a last minute reprieve combined with that 'I'm sure I looked there' before feeling.

Now, what I want to share with you to end today's chat, is how important it is to share the love. 
I, with a large contingent of work colleagues today got to do just that this afternoon. 
You see, the daughter of someone I have known for a large number of years was farewelled this afternoon. Whilst being there was so terribly sad, there was a profound beauty in the number of people who wanted to share their love with a grieving family. People from many different aspects of this young woman's life were there to offer their respects, so many that there was standing room only by the time we all crowded into the chapel. 
I am sure by the end of the day, the family will have no clue as to who was there and who wasn't, but regardless, they will know there was love, comfort and succour for all as they make peace with their hearts and look to the skies again.
The amazing thing and the solace I have found in tough times such as these is how people do pull together and make some attempt to support one another.
Did you watch Offspring last night? Are you over the hype and exaggerated emotion verbalised by fans of the show...or should I say, fans of Patrick's.
I am one of the thousands who did watch, waiting for the death knell to befall an unsuspecting character and audience and it did fall with a bitter blow.
The scenes and the acting that led up to the characters death were quite realistic, but once the family landed in the hospital scene, that's where the reality ended for a little while.
 This show as far as I am concerned has prided itself on intrinsic intuitive mental health in the past and that's why a large number of health workers such as I have enjoyed the pseudo reality. What made me very curious and more than a little cross was to see the callous way the health care workers were represented. I understand they had very small speaking roles and probably did not have to put too much effort into their acting skills, but, to announce to a very pregnant woman that her partner was seriously ill then tell her that they had done all that they could but he died anyway,then walk away and leave her standing there alone with a distraught sister of the deceased was a wrong portrayal of what could have been the opportunity to really demonstrate their synch with reality. As for the clip board wielding organ donor signer.... I would have punched her lights out if that had been in reality.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that it disappointed me that the doctors and nurses were not portrayed as the compassionate caring people I know from my own experience to be.

So, such as has been my day today.

Until next time....

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