Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 3

.......and it's dosage time!!!

Well, I was a very good girl last night.
I did come home and went straight to bed as I had promised myself.
The excitement of being on LSL is getting to me..... I need my sleep it seems.

This morning saw me trundle off to work in yet more rain to 'my other job'.
As I may have mentioned yesterday, I do enjoy my clinic work as it is quite variable, and a little more predictable than what I usually do. Ha! That could account for home life too!!!

I got to do a home visit today which was interesting. I visited a part of my local city in which I had never been before (another new estate) where there are houses upon houses upon houses. This crazy world exists where we have to build almost on top of each other, with a primary purpose to make money.      

The people I visited were lovely and most welcoming. Their house was interesting, I think that's what I love about home visits, especially with the elderly is that their memorabilia is so idiosyncratic to their own personalities. I love looking at their photos up on the walls of their children and grandchildren. I love getting 'the vibe' of the place too. I could tell this was a happy home with a couple who cared a lot for each other despite their illnesses. They had children coming and going whilst I was there who obviously care for their parents as well, so I came away content in knowing this was a cohesive extended family who were in a supportive position for each other. (No patronising intended here).

This afternoon there was a major hiccough within town. A goods train derailed right in an intersection that divides this city. The result of course is a major traffic entanglement within the heart of the main streets which are bad enough come peak hour time on a good day here! There will be some people getting home much later than expected I feel, tonight. I was very lucky that I got through traffic with obliging drivers letting me in and out so I could circumnavigate the upheaval without too much fuss.

During my day, I think of interesting things to write about when its blogging time but I'm usually too busy to write them down there and then and so, when it comes around to now, you, readers have to put up with my meanderings as I try to recoup my day to day happenings.
For that I can but apologise and hope you will return. Who knows there may be a spark of something interesting eventually which you may enjoy and reply back to me with.
Now that, I look forward to in anticipation.

May you all have a lovely evening despite the cold wet weather that is upon us in Melbourne right now and don't forget to have the handkerchief with you when watching Offspring tonight!!!

Oh, and another highlight of my day..... A wedding invitation. How much excitement can this old girl take!!! Another beautiful couple have thought to invite mon 'usband et moi to their wedding which is to be a gala 2 day affair..... Such fun!!! Simply lovely!!!! And to the lovely couple, a very big thank you.

Bonsoir mes amies.........


  1. Are you leaving comments for yourself now my friend? It's nice to see you back to writing it all down again, I really must pay more attention to my blogs again...
    See you soon I hope..


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