Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 2

I'm writing early tonight as I'm heading out soon. I'm feeling a bit tired so by the time I get home, I hope I stick to my guns and go to bed early as I'm going to have a busy day at work tomorrow with one thing and another.
When I say work, I'm not referring to midwifing as I'm on long service leave as I mentioned yesterday, but this will be my other hat, my practice nurse hat where I get to do many varied things with many varied different people for the day.
I've realised in my time in this other job that I really do love chatting to older people. Many are somewhat isolated and being able to just chat to someone, even if to see how they're going is a bonus in their lives I am sure. I enjoy witnessing their progress if they require repeated dressings and I love it when littlest come in for their vaccinations and I can stem the tears with distraction and stickers and laughter.
Tonight I am off to a Varoma demonstration. A Varoma is an attachment to the Thermomix and can be used for steaming and all sorts of things I am about to find out no doubt.
It's cold and miserable out there so I trust they'll have heaters on inside the hall.
I find myself feeling extremely envious of those travelling off to warmer climates right now. Funny that you get to a point in winter and summer where you say right, that's enough, bring on climate change right now thank you. I am of feeling cold, I am over grey skies and wind and rain.
I am lucky I haven't had to suffer with a cold or worse, the flu this year. I have my flu vaccination each year and a couple of years ago, because of a scare at work had to have a whooping cough booster, so I like to think I am immune to lots of things around about now.
My best friend has flown over to W.A. to meet her brand new granddaughter baby so when she returns we will catch up before she flies off to Italy no less!
So that's me in a nutshell today. Not much accomplished other than washing, hanging it out, visiting Mum and tidying up. 
I will have to make amends and DO SOMETHING!!! 
Until next time......

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