Monday, July 12, 2010

In recent times I have dabbled in a bit of holistic therapy for myself, such as meditation, massage and so forth.

One meditation group I went to was conducted by a woman who claimed to be a white witch. She was quite sweet and always interesting to talk to but had a habit of referring to the place where we meditated as haunted which always put the willies up me.

Sometimes when you take a perfectly clear photograph, you know theres no interference, yet, when you produce the pic elsewhere it has little orbs of light within? Well, my mediating white witch told me that those little orbs of light are extraterrestrial beings or spirits who have passed on...

A few years ago my husband and I went to a ball at Werribee Park and I took some photos both indoor and out.

Once such photo will give you an expample of what I mean about the demonstrated here......

Not two minutes later, I took yet another photograph of the same spot. The night was clear, there was no smoke nor was there any haze. There was nothing in the surrounding atmosphere to cause what I saw when I produced this next photo on my computer.

I will always wonder about what it was that caused this shape. Was it an atmospheric condition.....was it an entity or even a spirit as was suggested by my meditator.

I would love opinions so please feel free to tell me what you think!

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  1. I think we've had this discussion in past times, being the sceptic that I am I would be inclined to say that your lens was fogging up!! Maybe Murray breathing too hard :o) I'm sure there will be a technical photographic term for it - somewhere!!! If not, then maybe you were honoured to be visited, those that believe do say that lost souls still walk Werribee mansion.....??


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