Thursday, April 21, 2016

Munich no more!

We are currently riding a train back to Düsseldorf. It's always exciting when you hop on a train, hoping it's the right one...
We had a couple of hiccups today as we boarded....getting into the wrong carriage and sitting in someone else's seats for example.
Then, thinking we might be on the wrong train, for it apparently separates later on our journey we were able to move through to the right carriage and we are in our own little one else is in this little room with us. We are travelling at a speed of 200+ kilometres per hour which is kind of sad as I am in no hurry to leave this beautiful country. Am thinking the train driver has other ideas though.
Before I tell more tales about where we have just been, I shall tell you reader about our Munich encounter.
We came over to Munich on a train, (incidentally it's the best way to travel over here as far as I'm concerned).
There was a mix up in seating on that train and instead of enjoying our first class tickets, elitist that I am, we had to sit in second class where there is very little room to spread out. I don't know about you but over time when on holidays we tend to accumulate extra bags wherever we go.
We had no wifi which is not really an issue but when you've paid for it it gets more and more frustrating as time goes on.
Given our trip from Düsseldorf was the longest train ride, by the time we disembarked we were a little disillusioned to say the least.
Anyhow, we arrived in Munich. Got out of the Hauptbahnhof into a dirty smelly street with many many men standing around smoking and spitting and began our walk down Goerthestrasse, where our hotel was. We walked past strip joints and gambling houses, past a couple of outdoor/indoor middle eastern fruit and vegetable shops, past a couple of food houses to our hotel so you can get the picture. It was late afternoon, cold, drizzling and we felt slightly disgruntled given that we had paid quite a lot for our accomodation. The chap behind the counter was ever so unapproachable when we told him who we were. He was most uncommunicative and I had a a feeling he did not want to be there let alone us, his attitude was so unpleasant so once we had signed in, we went straight up to our room which was quite a shock. It was a small, dark dingy room with a perennial dripping tap. There were two single beds pushed together. The room window opened onto the rabble down below, the bathroom a high bath with a shower inside it and not much else apart from the toilet. The phone didn't work, not that we required it anyhow. 
Anyhow, you get my drift...we were not happy about Munich, especially the accomodation. We were there when hotels were booked solid apparently as there was a large convention on in town, hence all the men around.
I have just realised too that I took no photos of where we were given my displeasure.
We had our day trips to Neuschwanstein and Dachau that took up a lot of our time fortunately and they were such magnificent day trips. Unfortunately, Munich I guess was the low light of our holiday, but it was all part of the broad experience after all.
We ate at two local Cafes the first two evening and the food was great. The third night we were there, we walked through the Haupbahnhof onto the other side and were swept away with the contrast to where we were saying.
 The streets were clean, you could hear music playing, a tram shuffled by as we walked and we found a cute little Vietnamese restaurant where Murray had duck and I had a rice dish all for 9€ all up so our faith was a little restored, as we had been told wonderful things about Munich and had wondered where we had gone wrong here. 
It seemed the whole time we were there it rained on and off which didn't help the mood I guess and by the time we left we had no qualms about furthering our adventures elsewhere.
Word of warning, don't ever stay at the Smart Stay Hotel in Munich. 

Faulty Towels
Only one towel when we first got there. When asking for an extra towel, got a bath mat instead. When asked for said towel again...."Sorry we have none.".
Surly hotel reception...
Murray's key repeatedly failed to work. Had to go down to reception each time and ask for it to be recalibrated.
Room small, dark, hot. Unclean carpets.
Unable to deadlock room from inside.
No safe in room.
2 small bottles water did the 3 nights we were there. Not replaced.
Ran out of tissues early. Not replaced.
Phone not connected consequently didn't work
Internet not working last 12 hours or so. Actually the server was turned right off.
Advertised tea/coffee in front reception. No cups available for said tea/coffee. "Sorry, we have none"????????
Wrong side of tracks.... Dirty street, noisy, betting houses, strip clubs around. Many men hanging on street corners all times of the day.
Very small flat pillows, one each. No extra pillows
Constant dripping tap in bathroom.
Room very warm, no air conditioning. Hot overnight.
One small single lift. Sometimes we had to wait a while to access it. We were on 5th. Floor. Also used as transport lift for linen to other floors

Two single beds, comfortable.
Clean sheets.
Had the two towels after day 1.
Hot shower with great water flow.

I think when you have a range of experiences throughout a country, however small or large you are bound to have good with not so good. We were fortunate we had no nasty experiences. We didn't lose anything whilst we were there and no one accosted us. I think, the disappointment lay in this place not being up to the same standard of every where else, which is our error and misadventure after all.

As mentioned before, we enjoyed our day trips, the food was great yet again and most people happy to provide great service.


  1. We were very fortunate to have no nasty travel experiences but interesting to read of your Hotel they vary so much. Its all part of the wonder of it I think you will agree.

  2. Thank you for replying Pauline.
    We really were quite safe and it was a place to rest our heads at night. I suppose I was used to brilliant friendly staff and great facilities elsewhere. There are so many out there who have nothing in comparison to us so we should view it as a whole broad experience after all and be grateful.


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