Sunday, April 10, 2016

Drama on the high seas or is that Mutiny on the Bounty?

Now we are on the ferry, travelling at high speed across the seas, to Athens.
Our trip had been delayed, presumably as its a bit choppy out there, or maybe because someone was late, or slept in. Not sure as there was no reasoning why, just us having to wait, but the ferry rolled up 45 minutes after the initial expected time and we were smartly ushered on board and took off very quickly.
Whilst waiting for the ferry, in the terminal, we were subjected to a bunch of Asian women parading as if on a catwalk and singing the same song over and over again, much to the mirth of we bystanders. They were obviously practising for a performance somewhere and grabbed a rehearsal whilst they waited regardless of the stares from onlookers and the laughter and clapping when they decided their performance would not be improved by any more episodes.
Whilst initially setting off, the sea was pretty rough and some people were feeling most nauseated. Fortunately our craft is a speedboat sea jet and it cuts through the water with minimal turbulence where we are sitting.

Unfortunately I had to go to the toilet not so long ago, and the toilets are located at the back of the ship. Whilst sitting on said loo, I nearly fell off, I managed to jam my right thumb and rammed my right thigh into the washbasin. Hopefully that's the only damage I'll manage to do whilst onboard and even though I don't feel as crook as others, I'll be pleased when we disembark at the Port of Athens.
From our collection through to the first stop we were exposed to a film. A film with no sound, but with Greek subtitles.
I made  up my own story as it went along to keep me amused but I soon grew tired of the goblins and killing and medieval mayhem and magic and consequently decided to blog again, hence my presence here.
It is now 1710 hrs. We have been stuck off Mykonos for the last couple of hours as there was a problem with the Port Authority apparently. For some obscure reason, of which we have no access to, the police would not let us depart hence our tardiness.
Lots of irate passengers around as people have had flights to catch in Athens as well as privately assigned taxis to take them to their hotels....much like us.
We're now about three hours behind our arrival time so it'll be interesting to see if our private taxi is still waiting when we arrive.

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