Saturday, June 25, 2016

All about Noni

Just thought I'd share a little bit about our timid canine, Noni.
With Stuart, she can be as brave as can be, even venturing for midnight rambles by herself coming back smelling of wombat poo, and having the strangest green coloured undercarriage I have seen from time to time.
We know, by her responses to some visitors, especially dogs other than Stuart that she is timid. We won't even go into how she reacts to some children ( all good, nothing to be alarmed about potential visitors).
Stuart loves company in any shape of form, but Noni loves to hide behind Mama's legs occasionally and is generally well behaved except for the 'ball' thing.
Those of you who know her will know what I mean by that!
I know that our chooks unintentionally frighten her, probably because they're all as bold as brass when it comes to animal communication but today takes the cake.

Stuart and Noni each are given a long chewing dog bone of a weekend, compliments of our local butcher, Steve.
This morning's piece was (I think) part of a bovine spine and both she and Stuart contentedly set down outside the house to chew merrily for a time.
Along came the chooks after a while who decided they wanted a piece of the action.
Stuart told them in no uncertain terms to bugger off, go pick on someone your own size etc., when they provided too much interest in his bone, so they as a gang decided to cluck up to Noni to see if they could con her.
Needless to say, not one, not two but THREE times I had to go out to shoo them away as each time they would approach, Noni would drop her bone and move to one side allowing them full access to what was left.
In the end, we ushered her inside near the heater as it is bitterly cold outside (read no snow!!!😡) and then Stuart surreptitiously sidled up and took what was remaining of the bone.
I tell you, the hierarchical structure in this menagerie is a bit skew-whiff these days!

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