Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rabbits galore.....

And so tomorrow heralds yet another Easter. One of holidays and camping for some. Some stay home and celebrate in their own style, with chocolate and fruity buns, others mark this as a religious day and go to church as often as they can throughout the period to mark the significance of the season.

We are staying home as its not long before we fly over to the other side of the world and I am yet to pack seriously, as only good women pack.
By packing, I mean throw every item of weather appropriate clothing into the suitcase you own, then cull when you realise you'll never wear again that top you bought five years ago and are yet to wear, let alone when you are in Greece, trying to impress the locals!

Easter to me means a bit of madness and mayhem. Have already just been down the street to purchase life and death supplies as ALL the shops are shut tomorrow (Good Friday). 
I dare say I'll be back down there again to purchase more life and death supplies for our toothpaste, deodorant etc. on Sunday as I won't have time on Monday. I'll be too busy cleaning the house from top to bottom before our wonderful friend and house sitter arrives for the dogs and chooks to boss around.

I remember Easters past when our children were little and they would fill up on Easter eggs and hotty crossy buns.
Good Friday always meant boiled cod for dinner and I would make a white sauce (usually cheesy) to go with it. Music of the season would indicate me playing my Jesus Christ Superstar album over and over again much to the chagrin of my family.
"So you are the Christ, the great Jesus Christ, 
Prove to me that you're no fool....
Walk across my swimming pool"!

I so loved that album and now I realise I must have almost made my family think insanity would be far easier than having to put up with the smell of boiled fish and my version of Judas Iscariot indefinitely for a few days!

Easter is also a time of personal reflection for us now though as a family.
Today, this Thursday before Easter, heralds the anniversary of our son's death. The date is of course next month, but this day before Easter is significant in its timing also.
The positivity of this day always brings to mind the wonderful support and love we received from my friends and colleagues at Werribee Mercy Hospital on that day and afterwards, not to mention a group of young boys who dropped whatever they were doing that day to come and give us strength as we said our farewells to our boy and they said their goodbyes to their mate.
It is 13 years now since he left us, but all those memories make it feel like it was only yesterday.
The saying 'Love never dies' is certainly apt and true when it comes to such occasions.

May everyone who takes the time to read this have a safe and wonderful Easter. If you are out and about, please stay safe. Drive carefully. Remain responsible for not only yourself, but for those around you. If you are working, may you be well fortified with chocolate and not too busy for a change.

Once again I thank those that surrounded us during our time of shock and grief back in 2003. Work colleagues, family and friends were amazing and I will be forever grateful.

Today I am feeling the love so to speak. I have housework to do and food to cook.
My valiant promise though is that I will NOT cook boiled cod and stink the house out. I also will not hunt down my JC Superstar records....or will I?????

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