Saturday, June 20, 2015

Can you believe it???

Can you believe it?
It's been a week now since we moved heaven and earth to make this place our home.
This past week has been a week of moving furniture; of bringing in boxes and emptying said boxes; of replacing stuff from said boxes (I am so over stuff) and of shuffling furniture around and around to fit into the house.
I finally sorted the kitchen pantry last evening, and today it was so lovely gaining access to the pantry, knowing where I had put things, instead of the ramshackle (now there's a word you don't hear every day) misplacement of food, condiments etc.
We even had our very first guests who honked their horn as they came up the drive.
It was so wonderful to have visitors come and admire our place for the very first time. I know, after all our hard work to make this house and property our forever home, it was great to get some feedback and know we have made the right decision for us both.
Life changes as you become older, not necessarily for the better as some will attest, but we have up till now, been most fortunate in having our health and the ability to continue with work if needs be in the short term future.
I know I have secured employment, be it casual at this point with the immediate health professionals in Myrtleford, Bright and Mt. Beauty and I look forward to augmenting their work and knowledge base with whatever I bring with me when I start work there next month.
This past week, whilst it has been a frantically busy one because of the wet weather we have experienced, has been extremely therapeutic and rewarding as we have put our worldly goods into place.
Our dogs I might add have apparently enjoyed the change in their lifestyle too, with a few hills to climb, new smells to sniff and roll in, yes, literally roll in, wombat burrows to investigate and creeks to check out as well at the foot of the property.
Stuart as always, is the adventurous one and goes a wandering all over the place, whereas Noni displays a bit of insecurity and continues with her ball fixation whenever there are humans she knows around.
Perhaps we need 'Harry' around to give us some advice on how to stop her throwing the ball at our feet all the time but at least she is comfortable with the familiarity of our presence after such enormous changes, so, hopefully she will settle down in time.
We both love our new home... Our forever new home, nestled in the hills out the back of Myrtleford.
Here's hoping we live forever, happily ever after!

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