Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wedding day..... When young Jacqui got her Mr. Burnes.

Yesterday we stood under whispering pines in anticipation of a union of two like-minded souls.
Jacqui and Ricky were married with just the sounds of the gentle breeze blowing through the pine needles with loved family and friends surrounding them.

This wedding was absolutely amazing for its simplicity and natural beauty. I am not the first to admit that the sight below brought a few tears to my eyes as Jacqui with her Mum and Dad walked the gauntlet through the throng of family and friends to her beloved, waiting patiently with the marriage celebrant.

This young couple had a cross section of family and friends to witness their becoming husband and wife and given the tale we heard about how and where they met, and how their intertwined lives have moved on from that moment, I have no doubt this is a relationship is one that will last longtime.

My first memories of Jacqui are of when she was a very little girl, running around her parent's property with her two sisters and baby brother.

She has grown into a beautiful woman now and has a life, a love and a career all of her own like so many others, but, also, like so many others, different and unique.
Ricky I had not met until yesterday, but through Jacqui I feel like he has been a part of our extended family for a long time. 
I do believe there was not one section of the day where those two were not smiling. Their joy was certainly palpable and they had the uncanny ability to transfer it to all those around them.

There were of course family members there and it was so good to touch base with them and catch up on the doings of busy family life.

Thank you Jacqui, Ricky and Vikki for this splendid wedding celebration.
Thank you for graciously allowing us to be a part of such a fine day.

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